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I’m in ur office, sneakin’ ur tissues!

I need opinions on this.

I was typing away at my computer at work, when out of nowhere, someone comes into my office without announcement, and grabs four tissues from the Kleenex box on my desk, then just walks out without even looking at me! Is it just me, or was that completely rude? For one thing, I would knock when entering the office of someone I didn’t know. This person is younger than me, and is an auditor, so she doesn’t even work here! Also, wouldn’t you expect your own good sense to tell you to ASK before taking something? I mean, I wouldn’t care if they were staff tissues, but I’m no putz, so I buy the good, three-layered, aloe Kleenex!
I feel so tissue violated!
For one thing, KNOCK, and for two, ASK!
I realize it’s just a few tissues, but it was so abrupt and unannounced that I am compelled to complain! Have we lost all decorum?

I can tell you one thing: I’ll be raisin’ some fists if she comes back.

That, or maybe I’ll put Vaseline on the bottom of the next tissue as to avoid any further sneaky, rude auditors!


I was just on the phone, and she came in again, but this time went right into my co-workers side of the office while she isn’t here, and did something, and then left again!


Back to the grind!

Well well, I hope everyone’s weekend went well! I am sorry for the lack of posting, but at some point this week I’ll have a new laptop, so I will be able to post without guilt of using Steve’s computer for photos, etc.
This weekend, Winston almost won a “musical hula hoops” championship (not unlike musical chairs, except the dogs have to sit inside a hula hoop), but due to a certain golden retriever being called back into the game, Winston only got third place! Okay, okay, third place is great, but I think he could have stolen the game. THE RETREIVER WAS OUT!!! The trainer didn’t see it, but I did….now I’m gonna have to shank that dog!

I’m kidding.

He pooped for the fifth time in a row at obedience school. We’re still running at 100% pooping in class. I thought he was going to make it through this one, but BAM, it just hit him. There’s nothing like standing around with ten other people watching your dog take a dump. Needless to say that pugs have basically the best squat for pooping down pat. Winston is such a champ, looking all confused about his pooping, but yet, still has a proud air about him.

I then went to the pet store and various other errands, where Steve and I met several retired greyhounds, a Pomeranian that I didn’t want to club, and some scrappy little dogs up for adoption. I like playing with other people’s dogs. In fact, I love everything about the social activity that dogs get you into. For the most part, dog people are really friendly, and it’s nice to chat about dog toys, breeds, and everything else dog with someone who loves their pet. Actually, we met this really nice guy who had a dog the size of a small horse! I can’t remember what the breed was….any thoughts, Steve?

I also took the pugs (by myself) to Urban Vibe Pet Studio to get their photos taken. THIS WAS A BONANZA OF INCIDENTS! First of all, I was in over my head attempting to take both dogs with me by myself. I got them in the car okay, but once we were in the parking lot, Winston (or Houdini, as I now call him) managed to weasel out of his harness (which I thought was fairly tight). He is truly a magic dog. Then he starts the game of “haha, you can’t quite catch me” in the PARKING LOT, while I am holding Zelda. So I’m chasing him, and holding Zelda (who is whining), and all the while this small crowd of people is watching. Someone eventually offered to help me catch Winston Houdini, and I was on my way.

We got to the photo studio and the dogs were going CRAZY. They were running about and barking and oh man, it was stressful times. When it came time for photos, Zelda was so excited they could hardly get her to sit still. I think there were a few good shots, so I’ll post them when I get them. Winston is a freaking star in photographs. He did a special Easter shoot for April, and I know they got some choice photos of him.

Then the pups got introduced to “Fergie”, the pug that the owners of Urban Vibe own! She was a doll…well, except that she incessantly humped Zelda, but it was still pretty cute. They all played for an hour while we chatted, and it ended up being like a mini pug play-date. Totally cute. Of course Zelda had to poop and pee on the floor while we were there, but these people are prepared with an artillery of cleaning supplies! They actually had a cleaning bucket full of stuff for cleaning!

They also introduced me to an AMAZING harness that even the most experiences escape artist can’t get out of. Obviously I had to go buy one of these this weekend as well. I’ll do a full review later!

Anyhow, it’s back to the grind for me. I have more interesting stories that I’ll share later today involving my “girls.”

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