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Today’s Home Remedy: Pineapple Juice!

Just so Amanda doesn’t think that I spend my days basking in the glory of pickles, I did manage to find another home remedy that works pretty nicely!

Pineapple juice!

Also good for sore throats. Best ingested after heating to a really nice, hot temp. The heat works to soothe, and the juice works to kill bacteria! Plus, pineapple juice tastes great. You really can’t lose!

Today I have managed to rid myself of a sore throat, however, I feel like I am going to cough every 3 minutes, and I am getting a nice sinus headache. All this AND I have to work at a casino that my workplace is holding. This is pretty much a “CAN’T BACK OUT!” kind of deal, so I am stuck working 8pm-3am!

Luckily, my boss said I don’t have to come to work tomorrow! Wohoo! That’s a bonus, considering I doubt that staying up until 3am with a cold will help me out!

I am woozy on cold medication. As such I will let you all know that I think the “Neverending Story” would have been at least 100X more awesome if they rode a giant pug instead of the fluff dragon. I still enjoy the fluff dragon though.

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