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Slings Ahoy!

Hazaa! I knew ebay would treat me right!
I found a lady who sells homemade pet slings on ebay for only $9 Canadian! They’re basically a baby sling, but still work as a pet sling! This lady’s slings are the nicest patterns I’ve seen. There are a few other women selling them on ebay, but they’re pretty heinous patterns!
Check out the nifty slings Here!
I’m still on the lookout for something more like this one though…

Sick Day!

I am ill!!! I don’t feel gooooooood! L45fucky for me this means I get to spend my whole day with pugs! It’s nice that they will lay with me on the couch and snuggle while watching Jeff Goldblum on Ellen. What’s better?!

Zelda took a liking to sitting on my head last night. The dogs literally walk all over me. I probably shouldn’t let them, but then I wouldn’t get awesome photos like this:

She actually has her legs sprawled on either side of my head!

I will say that Winston isn’t so light anymore, so it’s a little harder on my skull when he tries to sit on my head.

And does anyone else have a pug that steps on your hair?! It HURTS! When I am in bed they walk near my head and step on my hair and it’s just the worst! It’s like being in a cat fight, but with pugs!

As I am sitting in my jammies, I’d like to share a home remedy I discovered on the internet yesterday. I noticed while I was at work that my throat was beginning to feel scratchy, so I looked up home remedies for sore throats on the internet. The wierdest one I found said to drink pickle brine. That’s right people, you too can ease the pain of a sore throat by drinking pickle juice!

Now I was thinking that pickle juice was insane, but it had the highest approval rating on the site!

I am a pickle convert.

It works!

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