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So many topics, so little time!

Look at the pretty couch of my dreams!!! Isn’t it beautiful?! So this is the magical couch of awesomeness that I can potentially buy. I’m thinking it’s worth it, and a lot of you seem to agree, so I think I will have to put some money down on this bad girl!
With this couch, I’d like to do something like this:
I like the fur throw on the couch, and the painting behind. Sadly, the painting is an original, so no painting for me. There’s a few others by this artist that I’d like to get though.

Next up, I saw this dog sling in the new issue of Modern Dog, but when I went to the website, they don’t even have this friggin’ color! The only kind I can get is a suede beige and black, which would be EXTREMELY warm in the summer, which is when I would actually want to carry one of the pugs around! Grrr. It looks easy enough to make though, so maybe I’ll just make one…

Next up, I’d just like to mention how much I hate Wal-Mart. Yes, I’ve mentioned it before, but I really, REALLY hate it in there. As much as I hate it, there are some crazy friggin’ deals there. I took Steve to get some no-name chucks because he doesn’t like Converse. He doesn’t like Converse because they are owned by Nike. Thus, we ended up getting $15 chucks from Wal-Mart.

Little did I know that I’d walk out with shoes myself!

Steve showed me these shoes because he thought I’d like them. Indeed I did! Strawberries AND they’re only $8? PSSSSSHT!Next up, I saw these gems. I am in love with the little skulls and hearts. I am not such a fan of the big ‘ol 725 originals logo in the shoe, but whatevs, they were $9.
And the BEST PART?!?! WELLIES!!!!! Only $20! AMAZING DEALS! I saw a pair of zebra wellies this weekend, but they were $59. Boo to that!

I got all those shoes for $40! THESE PRICES ARE SO LOW THEY MUST BE CRAZY!!! I am in shoe love though. Seriously. Ain’t nothing gonna bring me down when I’m rocking my pink wellies.

Also this weekend, I put Zelda in her pretty pink dress for a spring photo shoot.

As you can see, she wasn’t having any of it.

Certainly not worthy of cuteoverload, but it makes me laugh anyhow.

Also this weekend was a pug meetup! Wohoo! I haven’t been to one in a MONTH! A MONTH!

This was a rescue pug cross. I remember being told that it was crossed with two other breeds, but I can’t remember what. It was so funny though!

Here’s Meimei, “Woowooing” at a pug being picked up:

and oh man, this was a little new pug at the meetup giving a rasberry to Winston! Ha!

I like all the old pugs there too. Man oh man, they are like little fat sailboats and it’s just the best thing ever.

Sail on, little pug, sail on!


Did you know that baleen used to be used for the boning in corsets?! They were also used to hold up umbrellas and parasols in the old days.
I can’t imagine having to be the person to strip the inside of a whales mouth of baleen.

Totally. Gross.

Sofa, be still my heart!

Well, I really meant to do a super sweet post last night, but the evening got away from me. I was cleaning stuff up again for our landlord to come in and do an “inspection” again, which is really her coming in with two people doing an appraisal on the house. I wonder if Winston will poop and run away from her like he did last week? He’s so brave, right? Well, I guess poop would scare some people…

So this morning I got out to my car and noticed that some jerk backed into me and didn’t leave a note. I’ve been in a hit and run!!! The dink actually left a fist-sized dent in my trunk, but somehow missed the bumper, which is odd. I’m thinking it was maybe a truck? I call my mom to tell her and she informs me that I need to report it to the police so that I can get a sticker that says that I have reported the accident, and that I’m allowed to fix it. Did anyone know they had to do this?! Apparently it’s only for damage over $1000, or if you’ve been in a hit-and-run. I went back to my car when I got to work just to make sure my trunk still opened (if it didn’t, my costs would be over $1000!), and LUCKILY it did, so I’m not too mad. I just don’t get people. What is wrong with our society?! It’s like if we think we can get away with it, we’ll try. If you get caught in a situation like this though, you’re totally up the creek for actually leaving the scene. Ugh, some people…

On a more domestic note, I have recently fallen in love with a sofa. It’s a gorgeous red sofa from La-z-boy, and it’s just about the most comfortable thing you could ever sit on. I’m not even kidding. I wanted to just fall asleep in the mall. Now, I need some domestic advice. My current couch is from Ikea, and has lasted OK, but after a year, it’s starting to look worn out. That’s okay, because it was a sale couch and I paid $300 for it. Sweet deal. This lovely new couch I saw costs $899, and has a lifetime warranty on it, and is actually on sale for $899, down from $1799!!! Are you kidding me?! That is totally 50% off! I am curious though…does anyone agree that this is a sign that the couch and I were meant to be? I’m thinking if it’s that huge of a deal, that I should put a deposit on it. A deposit is only $250, and I can actually take as long as I want to purchase it. That means, if I want to take until August to buy it, I can still get the sale price and we’ll have a new couch for August when we move!

Actually, the more I write about it, the more I think it’s pretty clear I should buy the couch. Does anyone agree that this is a good price for a couch? Am I just stupid and this is really not a deal at all? I mean, it’s got a lifetime warranty on the thing, and I think you have access to an upholstery tech. or something if you spill on the couch too.

This compared to my $300 blue sofa that the dogs have peed on, as well as dropped things like Pepsi, Tim Horton’s mocha, pizza, chocolate, and other wonderfully terrible items on it. The seat cushions have faded from being in the wash so many times. Let it be known that I have learned my lesson and don’t keep food on the coffee tables anymore!

I’ll post a photo of the couch later, and let me know what you think!

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