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Oh to live downtown…

My general motivation is at an all-time low for the week. It must be the slack attitude of casual Friday. Maybe it was that the dogs woke me up at 6:45am this morning, only to both vomit within 2 minutes of each other ON THE BED. Maybe it was that the dogs managed to wake me up several times before this incident to get on and off the bed…most likely it’s a glorious combo.

I found out two days ago that someone at work is leaving for a month, and that I have to pick up the slack. Apparently working through lunch every day isn’t quite enough. Not only to I have to cover, but I have to learn several new things before this person leaves at the end of the day. Oh boy! Fun!

I’m starting to get a little worried about finding an apartment in August that will allow pets! I realize that it’s only March, but I want to make sure that we get a place…ESPECIALLY if we are going to have to get a new place anyway if our landlord sells our house. It’s too bad because it’s a really nice house and I have a feeling that they’re just going to tear it down. YA JERKS!

On a similarly lame note, I saw a 90-ish year old woman come INCHES from being hit by a bus on the way to a conference yesterday. She was standing on the edge of a cub next to a REALLY busy street (MacLeod Trail downtown by Stephen Ave., if you live here) and was kind of swaying. Then for some reason she started to step out onto the road while the light was still green. A rather large bus was hudling toward her at about 70k, and was honking like mad. My co-worker yelled out, “HEEEY! WATCH OUT!!!” and the woman did nothing but step slightly back onto the curb. The bus missed her by inches as we all looked on in horror. This woman’s face didn’t even flinch! When the light was red, she just hobbled along as if nothing happened, while the rest of us who were standing there were in complete shock! If she would have been hit by that bus, she would have been projected into the crowd of people I was standing in. YIKES! This was one of those moments that happens so fast, all you can do is yell, “eeehhhh!!!” at them, and BAM, the moment is over. I don’t know what I would have done if she would have been hit!!! Poor old lady…I hope she’s okay!

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