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You don’t see that every day.

I saw a photo and bio of a woman with a full grown NIPPLE on the bottom of her foot. It was in a medical journal. The nipple even had a little hair on it.

WELCOME TO THE FUTURE! It’s pretty much everything I thought it’d be.

We have the best stuff around here.

Steve just handed me a pamphlet on llamas. This photo wasn’t in the brochure, but it sure kicks ass.

Why do we have a pamphlet on llamas, you might be asking yourself. BECAUSE WE ARE AWESOME.

This pamphlet was full of glorious llama information. Actually, the woman who bred Winston also breeds llamas! I love it! Pugs and llamas…I am seriously in heaven. Okay okay, if you added sloth I would have to just abandon everything and move in with all those animals, but it’s *probably not going to happen.

I’d like to share some notes about llamas with you.

Did you know llamas are good therapy pets? This info packet says that llamas make good house pets. Uhhhh… last time I checked I couldn’t fit another dog in my house, let alone a llama.
I will say that if a mini-llama existed, I’d be all over it like a PMS-ing woman on chocolate. Look at how sweet they are!!! So majestic!

The pamphlet also says “Llamas are easy to like and live with. They quickly become an integral part of your life and lifestyle until you wouldn’t have it any other way!”

I wish llamas were in my life so much that I’d be all like, “WHERE THE HELL ARE ALL THE LLAMAS AT, YO?! I AM EXPERIENCING A SEVERE LLAMA DROUGHT UP IN HERE!!!”

Maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll have to start riding llamas instead of driving cars….yes….I like it.

Anyhow, as I look through the pamphlet, it really doesn’t have that much information other than general “Llamas are totally bitchin’!” stuff. I like that someone took the time to make a little pamphlet though.

The Daily Grind

Okay, so I broke down and loaded photos onto Steve’s computer. Sorry Steve!

I just about died of cute overload as I photographed Zelda this evening with this photo:
I love it. I wonder what she’s thinking about? Probably about who stole her uterus!

So my landlord has emailed me for the second time saying that AGAIN she needs to go through the apartments. I’ve already had to extreme clean once this week, and now I have to prepare for next week. Ugh. She did an “inspection” on Monday, and apparently brought people with her. We’re all a little suspicious. I emailed her asking why there were people with her and why she didn’t tell us. I also asked her if she was going to sell the house. She’s a snarky lady and emailed me back saying that I’d know when she knew and that she’s bringing appraisers with her next week. I’m *hoping* that she doesn’t try to sell until at least May 1, because then it doesn’t matter. Legally we are allowed 3 months to move, and that would take us right into Van City moving time. It sucks though! She’s a pretty lazy person it seems though, so who knows what is going to happen! Actually, if she notifies us after April 1, we don’t have to move until July 31. Let’s just pray that she doesn’t get crazy!

My house smells like cooked spaghetti. What’s up with that? Like I’m talking noodles with nothing on them. I often wonder if these are just little ghosties haunting up a stink in this place.

Also, check out this sweet ring!

It’s actually EXTREMELY small. The cigarette even has ash on it! WTF! It’s pretty cute even though I don’t smoke (and don’t endorse it). It’s just amazing the time people spend on jewelry only to make a little coffee mug and a cigarette. Did I mention how much I love finding stuff like this on the internet?!

Oh, and also, I did my GRAND presentation to my class yesterday. I presented to an astonishing ***THREE*** people. I am not kidding. For some reason the prof. told her class that the particular day I presented was “optional”. I am generally not a nervous presenter, so the fact that I was completely disrespected and threatened into presenting when only THREE people show up just makes me want to blow my top. I mean, I can honestly say I rocked the panties off the crowd I had, but this prof. 1) Forgot to email me with a presentation date, 2) Forgot to email me a midterm date when I was back in class, 3) threatened my grade if I didn’t present AFTER she forgot and I had to email to remind her, and 4) told her class that attendance to my presentation was “optional.”

And this my friends, is why I am not walking the stage at graduation.

I am graduating. I am graduating with honors, in fact. After all the bullshit I’ve had to go through at this post secondary institution, I am completely disgusted. I don’t want to go through the formality. I just want my degree in the mail, and then hanging on my wall. Maybe I’ll tell them how I feel by sending them a giant Winston turd in the mail.


Maybe eventually I’ll get a Masters…who knows. All I know is that I never want to go back to that school again.

Perhaps I am extra bitter because work is giving me daily headaches…man I am getting the ass-end over there! That’s really all I can say…but the pay is wicked, so I will survive!

Also, I am currently operating a computer at maximum pug capacity. By that I mean that both dogs are snoozing on me. I frikin’ love these little monsters. Even a bad few days can be erased with a good snuggle from a puppy!

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