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Seriously. I am presenting for the second time to a younger group of people in my faculty. I’m pretty sure this is the exact same group of kids I talked to last time, and I’m sure they’ll be just as thrilled that I am there to talk to them. Last time I did my presentation, no one asked me a question. NOT ONE PERSON! Agh. That left a nice run of silence. Today (hopefully) they will be more interested in the place I currently work than the place I worked in the summer. I dunno, I don’t actually care if they ask questions to be quite honest. I am doing this so that I can get my damn degree sent to me in the mail. The prof. running this class actually FORGOT to get back to me on a presentation day, and when I contacted them again, they were rather curt with me and told me that if I didn’t do the presentation, I would face consequences.
Forgive me if I lack motivation and vigor.

Today I am at work alone. I am not sure where anyone is! Usually there’s two people here when I get here, but everyone seems to have dropped off the face of the planet. It’s kind of nice though to have a whole office space to myself. No one is shouting about annual reports, no one is piling more tasks onto me. I’m just typin’ and sittin’. It reminds me of when I used to go to the college library early in the morning with my laptop and study in the quiet (since most students can’t be bothered to get up before 9am at least).

On yet another note, the weather has magically gone from a high of plus 20 yesterday, to about -5 with around 2 feet of snow! WHAT IS UP WITH THIS CITY?! I literally spent 20 minutes brushing all the snow off my car and it was STILL covered slightly. Yes, I am bad and did one of those crappy “I NEED TO GET TO WORK” sweeps where maybe I can’t see through every window but I will still make it to work.

Just when all the snow had finally melted from the back yard and it was safe to take the puppies outside without getting them completely sloppy, BAM! Weather change. THAT’S RIGHT, GET YOUR SNOW SHOES OUT AGAIN, SUCKER!

Can I also just note that I am STILL all alone! I’m starting to think I didn’t get a friggin memo about a random meeting or something! The Admin. Assistant isn’t even here, and she is ALWAYS here. Is it really taking everyone this long to get to work???

Man, if no one shows up I am going to go buy a sled and get crazy on some huge hill downtown! SNOW DAY!

More on the Legend of Zelda

Zelda is doing pretty good. She is currently sleeping on my hand as i try to write this. You know, it’s pretty hard to type with a dog on your lap.


Ahh, there we go. So Zelda is recovering nicely. She’s pretty sleepy tonight but is in pretty good spirits considering! In light of Zelda getting surgery, I thought I might get her a little gift. So I got to looking on the internet for cool things for dogs and found these:

A treat shooter! Shoot treats across the room and make your dog work for those tasty morsels with SNACKSHOTZ! Fabulous silver glove not included.
Pupcakes! The delightfully girly puppy toy!
Doggie doughnuts! Like real doughnuts only made of fabric and hard to digest!!!
Birdie dog bed. I don’t really have any witty comentary for this one, I just think it’s pretty sweet.
Dog pizza! MMMMMM, tastes like vegan!

Anyhoos, Zelda did okay. The vet checked her teeth and all is well. They also did a biopsy of her little bump and it’s an infection, but it should go away in time. All in all, she did pretty good! I think we’re going to take her to the pug meetup for a little playtime, but we’re gonna make sure she stays pretty low key.
Hooray pugs!

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