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Cougar Love

Old women really love to giggle and young men's jokes….actually, old women love to laugh at pretty much anything that young men do.  It gets kind of gross when they try and laugh all sexy at the young man.
If you haven't already guessed, there is a serious cougar in here.  She has moved RIGHT in front of the instructor and is wearing a low button top and is chewing gum with her mouth open.

We’ll see if this works…

I am currently waiting for my instructor to show up at a two-day course I'm taking for my job.  The sweet thing is that this particular course will really impress the hell out of potential employers later on, so it's not only good for this job, it's good for my resume too!  I have to say though…being trained for 16 hours on how to use this particular fundraising software is tedious…especially when I am at least fifteen years junior to everyone else at this course.  They're all huddling together like baby kitties and I am at the front rocking my socks off.
The guy teaching this course is actually closer to my age than the rest of the class too, so when he makes jokes, I'm pretty much the only one who laughs!  Either they don't get it, or they basically have no sense of humor.  I'm thinking it's a little of both.
In fact, now the little huddle of women are complaining about how warm it is in here and it's not even warm!  These ladies are crazy.
In pug-related news, Zelda peed on Steve's side of the bed this morning.  It was an honest accident because she whined a little bit, but not like her normal "i gotta pee" whine, so I didn't put her on the floor in time.  Then she pooped on the rug in dismay.  My poor little bear!  She's getting spayed next week too.  Awwww, bye bye uterus!  I am going to get the vet to check her little bump (it's not going away, but it's not getting bigger) and her two canine teeth on the right side (one has poked through, but the baby tooth isn't gone yet!).  It's going to be a busy little day for her!
Winston is doing well.  He hasn't eaten anything gross and he's pooping normally again.  Wohoo!  Man, that was the stinkiest day of my life.
Man…the instructor still isn't here!  WTF?  This course cost $1500 for TWO DAYS…you think he'd show up on time!  Maybe he got food poisoning from all of the Peter's Drive-In that people suggested he eat.  I know a lot of you don't know what Peter's is, but if you do, you'll know why I think that it was a pretty weak suggestion as far as fine dining goes…
Ah well!

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