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I should get this for Winston

I’m seriously thinking about this. It’s pretty much his perfect little dog tag! I don’t know if it was all the treats from training, or the blueberries I let him try, but man oh man he is POOPING up a runny little storm! He’s also farting every 20 seconds. I mean, I think farts are funny and all, but hell, we had to open our windows to get the stank out of the apartment!!! He actually barked at a pedestrian outside so hard that he farted twice really loudly. This is a dream dog.

In Zelda news, I bought her an adorable little collar with a cupcake on it! Such a cute little baby bear!
Also because she’s been pretty good lately (and because Winston always steals her chew bones) I got her a little Poochi purse:
I swear I didn’t buy it to see her carry it in her mouth like a little lady…..I SWEAR! (by the wy, it’s ADORABLE when she does, and HILARIOUS when Winston does. That’s right…he’s comfortable with his sexuality!)

And just because it’s awesome, here is a photo of a fat pug on his back:

I am taking a two-day training course for a computer program for the nonprofit sector starting tomorrow. Dang! See you in boredom town!

And also, if you haven’t checked, Steve started a new blog, so check it out!

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