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AWWWW YEAH! Zelda won a prize in the Pampered Puppy photo contest for the above photo!
My favorite comment about this photo came from my friend Sarah: “ZELDA!!! I want to put her in a pita pocket!”

Finally my little princess has been officially recognized for her cuteness!!!

Thanks for letting me now Amanda!!!

Also, because Miko has this coat:

obviously Zelda must get the same one so the sisters can match!


Potty Mouth

Since I’m getting a pretty enthusiastic response to my TP comments, I’d like to share another little issue I have with the bathroom.

I don’t normally talk in a public bathroom, and I find now that I’ve been working in office settings for a few years that it really freaks me out when you’re talking to someone through a few stalls.

Take this for instance:

I was talking to someone who walked with me to the bathroom—someone I didn’t know, who was asking me about volunteering for the organization I work for. I proceeded to continue to tell her why we don’t have that many volunteers, and she proceeded to go into a stall. She continued talking to me all the way though her potty sesh. Like we’re talking full blown fart situation here.

How can I not laugh at that?!

You’re talking to me about something business-esque related, and you’re proceeding to blow copious amounts of air into a room with a pretty hefty echo!!!

I had to leave the bathroom while she was still in the stall because I knew if I faced her again that I was likely to burst into a fit of laughter.

I also don’t like when I recognize someone’s shoes under the stall when they are having what I like to call a “poonami.” I don’t want to know if my peers are crapping themselves!!!

Does anyone else have any interesting bathroom stories???

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