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I believe the wheels are in motion to move to Vancouver at the end of the summer! Oh my!

Steve and I had a talk about job prospects for the both of us, and things are looking a lot better for the nonprofit and journalism scene out there. There are a boatload of npro jobs at arts organizations as well as left-wing papers for Steve. They have some of the best things I could hope to work for including the David Suzuki Foundation, Arts Umbrella, Emily Carr School of Art & Design,the Vancouver Aquarium, UBC, and the OLYMPICS! That’s just a taste of the amazing possibilities.

We’ll have to wait and see how the job market is in the summer, but likely there will be some good stuff out there.

This basically makes Xray win a bet that after I visited once, I’d move there.


Plus, pugs and the beach?! HELLO AWESOME.

Naturally there will be some sadness from all of this, including having to move from people like my much loved sister and niece, and also my favorite passtime of my city’s pug meetup group, but I think it’s a step in the right direction.

Who knows, I might even get a masters in the arts while I’m there… 😉

Bird of Prey

Come to Alberta and you might just get plucked from the streets by an enormous bird of prey!
Someone working on an oil field outside of my hometown took this photo this past week. I am staying inside the rest of the winter!!!

Training and Waiting and Playing

Oh internet, how I have missed you! Sadly the internet is down at my house because of unforeseen events, so I will have to compose from other places!
The weekend was a bit of a gong show. I vegged out on Friday night and sat around with the pugs. I finally got a copy of Clara, which I was totally thrilled about! I’m still holding strong on my stance that used books feel haunted to me. Something about someone being so intimately involved with a book and then giving it away makes me uneasy. Every page I turn, someone else has turned before me. Someone else has lived this novel before me…
On Saturday Winston had his first obedience class! I am bound and determined to get these puppies trained! Winston did pretty good in class. He sat really easily, and came when called, which pretty much makes him a genius compared to the other dogs! There’s a Siberian Husky in the class that is RIGHT out of control. Like it’s pretty much time to call Cesar Milan in because this dog is going crazy. He was bouncing all over the place and was whining so loudly the entire time that I could hardly hear what was going on! They also broke out the clicker in class, which is something I’m not fond of. I mean, how often are you carrying around a freakin’ clicker to praise your dog?! I’m not a fan, but we’ll see if it helps…
On Sunday Steve was really, really sick, so I drove him to the Walk-In clinic by our house. We got stuck waiting for SIX HOURS to see a doctor. SIX HOURS! I can’t even believe I managed to pass six hours waiting in a room full of sick people. Watching a meth addict freak out on the phone with her father took up a good 20 minutes though. Yikes!
Steve got his meds after our epic wait and we finally got home and just sat and watched the Oscars and played with the puppies!

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