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words are flowing out…

but not really. I’ve been a bad writer this week!!!

My apologies.

I haven’t had time to get my laptop fixed since Winston pulled it off my dining room table and I’ve been overloaded at work!

The work situation isn’t bad though. I really like having a lot to do from when I get here to when I leave. Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be like?

In pug news I’ve been keeping tabs on this bump that’s above Zelda’s nose. I thought it might be a sore from her getting food stuck in her wrinkle, so I’ve been cleaning it every day. It seemed to be getting better, so I moved to every few days, but when I looked at it last night, it was pretty big!

I think this is why she’s hated having her wrinkled cleaned! I can’t tell though if it’s a puppy pimple, or if it’s something else. It’s as big as a human-sized zit, and when I was cleaning her wrinkles last night it started to bleed a little bit. When I tried to take a closer look, it seemed as though it had a hole in it. I dried it off and let her run around and she was fine. Hopefully it’s nothing!

Winston has taken a liking to pulling any beverage off of my coffee tables and throwing them on the couch. I have no idea why he keeps doing this, or why I keep forgetting to move beverages off the tables, but I’ve now had to wash my seat cushions so much that I think I’m going to have to buy a new couch! Maybe leather is a better option if I don’t want to have to keep buying couches!

Other than that life has been quiet. I got to see “Reno 911: Miami” last night, and it was hilarious! I guess I should explain that it’s funny in a Monty Python, turn your brain off and laugh kind of way. Sort of like Snakes on a Plane. It was a free movie though, so it was very much worthwhile!

I saw a pretty rockin’ documentary on the ocean last night. It’s crazy how many creepy sea creatures are in the sea! There was this insane squid that had CLAWS! CLAWS ON A SQUID!!!! I think this could be a contender for Badass of the Ocean. Also, did you know that squids and octopus used to have shells?! I love learning stuf like that!


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