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LMizzle, Don’t Eat It! (Valentine’s Day Edition!!!)

Hello out there all you lovebirds!
It’s time for a nice romantic sit down with me, LMizzle, as I attempt to consume a doggie Valentine’s Day treat on the suggestions from my poll. This time I will also take you on a glorious photographic journey of my adventure via Steve’s built in i-sight camera on his laptop! Wohoo!

Here we go. So what you see me kissing passionately in this photo is one of the hand-made dog treats I bought for Winston and Zelda for Valentine’s Day. I think the name of the company is Bonez, but I’m not exactly sure. I bought the treats because they came in a cute little paint bucket, complete with shiny little red lid.

Yes, I am a sucker for packaging. I admit it.
I gave the dogs both a lot of these today, and they kept managing to get pink yogurt dip all over each other’s fur, so I kept the only white one in the can for myself.
I’d also like to take a second to tell everyone that I do not understand the yogurt dip. I really don’t get it. Is it simply just plain yogurt that’s continuously dipped? Is it a special recipe? If anyone could enlighten me, I seriously want to figure that out.

Anyhow, let’s take a sniff!

Hmmm, I have to say I have a pretty good sense of smell. I like smelling stuff. Though if I wouldn’t want to lose one sense, it would be touch. Now if you’re thinking, “why touch?” well let me tell you! I can’t imagine not being able to actually FEEL things. Like nothing soft or hard, no texture….WHAT KIND OF LIFE IS THAT?! I could stand not living with sight or smell or hearing or taste, but TOUCH?! I dunno, there’s just something seriously messed up to me about losing touch.
Okay, so back to dog treats. These don’t smell too bad. They kind of smell like a bag of oatmeal. No real offensive odor (unlike those damn chicken treats!!!). Oddly enough, it’s the yogurt side that smells like oatmeal, and the non-dipped end smells like nothing! WTF!

First: the yogurt side. Hmmmm, okay, the yogurt has a really weird texture. It’s pillowy soft, whatever the hell that’s about. That’s kind of unnerving, like accidentally sucking a bug into your nose. Then comes the actual texture of the oatmeal part. It tastes like your basic oatmeal, but I’m sure there’s probably some kind of animal broth in there. I feel kind of like I’m eating a tree with no leaves over here…

Next: the non-yogurt side!
Oh…my…GAWD. This is the toughest thing to bite through!!! AAAAHHHH! Ew. Okay, while this is not really offensive tasting, I can see why they dip this in yogurt!!! It tastes exactly like burnt toast. Totally sick. I hate burnt stuff! Moreover, who the hell wants burnt toast as a treat?! I mean, chicken, fish, beef…all good treat options, but I didn’t know that dogs had a real taste for burnt toast.

You know what’s worse?! I just realized that we have nothing to drink in the house because it’s grocery shopping day tomorrow!!! WHAT AM I THINKING?!!!

Okay, the rest of that treat is going to Zelda because she’s sitting right there.

After careful consideration, I have to say that although this little treat tasted like a burnt asshole, it’s probably the best out of the three I’ve had so far!

I’ve also looked at the treat shelf, and I’m running low on supplies! I’ve had to switch the dogs to freeze-dried liver, and you can bet your ass that I’m not trying freeze-dried liver! Nooooo way!
I have a bacon treat left though I think, so I’ll save that for next time!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!….I’m gonna go find something to drink…
Oh yeah, and these treats are currently on sale at H.Doodle, which are pretty much the same as what I just ate, so stock up, they are LMizzle approved!

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