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LMizzle, don’t eat it! (YOU choose edition)

Okay.  On Princess Pointful, and upon a few other's requests, I am opening the floor for you readers to tell me what I should eat for my next installment of "LMizzle, don't eat it!"  I have to say though, that I am not going to eat anything that will make me throw up, so choose wisely!
I have some items from the dogs that I have available to try:
*Science Diet wet puppy food
*Bonez brand, homemade dog biscuits for Valentine's Day
*Science Diet dry dog food
*Eukanuba dry dog food
I also may have a Science Diet bacon strip left that I can try, and I also have this pork bite thing too, but I can't remember the name of those, but I'll eat one.
Those are the other dog foods I have because I mean really, do I want to go out of my way to eat dog food?  No.
Oh man, I'm shuddering just thinking about this!
Vote for your choice!


I am so ubelievably irritated right now.
A "friend" from long ago messaged me out of nowhere, and I was totally taken aback.  They pretty much left me hanging by myself when I was really in a time of need.
Just saying you're sorry doesn't make up for that kind of thing.  Maybe if they had shown any sort of friend-like interest in my life after this point, I would have forgiven.  This person seems too concerned about what other people think to have any time to concern themselves with other people's feelings.
I can't even express how hurt and abandoned I was.  I don't even want to deal with this person ever again.
Fine, go have a nice life, but don't talk to me like we're old pals, because we aren't.
So.  Irritated.

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