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Let’s take it to a vote!

Okay, some of you have expressed that you also miss the second N in shenanigans.  I also miss it.  I think shenanigans looks really bizarre without my creative spelling.  I was actually seriously embarassed about this though because I am a real stickler for spelling and grammer (okay I have my bad days, but everyone does).  To think that I actually spelled the title of my own BLOG wrong though, I mean that's just crazy!
Anyhow, since there seem to be some people who actually like my misspelled use of shenanigans, I am going to put it to a vote.  Do I change my spelling BACK to:
100% Shennanigans
or do I stick with the correct spelling of:
100% Shenanigans
I don't know!
Comment to vote!

Did anyone notice this?


I am truly a moron. HAHAHAHA!

I have fixed this error tonight after entering the word shenanigans into and then realizing that I have been spelling it wrong for oh…two years!

Anyhow, to anyone who has me as a link, take out the second n that I creatively put in there! My bad!

I’ll miss that N though…

LMizzle: Don’t Eat It! (Milk Bone Edition)

A really funny blog I read The Sneeze, has a segment once and a while called “Steve, don’t eat it!”, which I LOVE. I was thinking on the weekend that I have eaten some pretty strange stuff, so let me bring you on my journey.

I like to know when a dog food or treat brand claims to taste like a human-loved flavor, if they ever really catch the true essence of what that food tastes like. That’s right, I try some of my dog’s food. Strictly for scientific purposes…of course.

Cringing…that’s what you may be doing right now, but I guarantee you’ve wondered the same thing about certain dog foods and treats, and I am just insane enough to taste test this stuff.

On today’s menu we have the ever fatty-making dog treats, the Milk Bone Soft & Chewy treats*. YUMMERS! I, of course, have chosen the bag with the pug on it, which claims to have two delicious family favorites, ham and cheese! I LOVE CHEESE! I tried one of these once before, but just to ensure that I have as accurate of a taste test as possible, I am going to go get one…

aaaand it looks like we’re outta that flavor! Oh well, looks like I’m trying some delicious chicken-flavored Milk Bone chew!

Here we go…

Upon first putting it in my mouth, I am reminded of the smell of my junior high gym class. Actually, the girl’s locker room didn’t even smell THIS bad. Wow.

This thing is really, REALLY salty. My goodness! The texture is a bit of a new one to me as well. I’d liken it to perhaps something like freeze-dried oatmeal.

Now, I don’t even eat meat really, ESPECIALLY not chicken, but I am here for all of you, and so I have eaten a Milk Bone dog chew. This is how I spend a Tuesday evening.

I couldn’t even swallow it. I sat chewing it and trying to figure out if I was eating old bark off a tree, but it really didn’t deserve a swallow. I had to drink some OJ and Pepsi to get the rusty bucket taste out of my mouth!

The people at Milk Bone are LYING to us. This treat does not taste like chicken, unless their chickens play a full four-quarter football game with all the football gear on and don’t shower and then go to the mill to be killed and made into sweaty little chicken treats. What’s worse is, HOW DO THEY STAY SOFT?!

This is not a mystery for me to solve though.

So if you’re ever out of food somehow but are crazy enough to eat Milk Bone dog treats….I’d go eat a cardboard box. It would probably taste better.

Up next: Lucky Brand Dog Biscuits! Pizza flavor!

*Note: I only have Milk Bone treats at home because I fed them to Winston because those were basically the only treats he liked. These have made him into a little fatty though. I recommend veggies and fruits for your pup!

Hiccup Remedies: FACT OR MYTH?

I just had the hiccups, and I thought I would put an informational post up about what actually works to get rid of the hiccups, and what sucks nuts.

I attempted a few before I found one that worked:

Remedy 1: Holding my breath-MYTH
This didn’t work AT ALL. In fact, I’m pretty sure it made my hiccups worse. Especially when I’d have them and still be holding my breath, thus making my airway feel like a stretched out, old balloon.
Now, if you’re saying to yourself, “hey, this photo has nothing to do with holding my breath?!” you’d be correct! I did find this photo on the first page of a “holding breath” search on google though.

Remedy 2: Getting a loved one to scare me-MYTH
This worked one time on me, but hasn’t worked since. I asked Steve to try and scare me a few times. I think the only outcome of this is that I had to change my underwear.

Remedy 3: Regulating my breathing-MYTH
Sometimes this works. I try and concentrate on when I think I’ll have my next hiccup and try to regulate my breathing. Alas, I ended up choking a little, and still having the hiccups.

Remedy 4: Drinking from the wrong side of a glass-MYTH
I succeeded in looking like a dumbass, but again I was left choking. This is also hard to execute when you have two dogs jumping around you. Not for beginners.

Remedy 5: Holding arms out in a T shape and breathing deeply-MYTH
This pretty much made me want to pass out.

Remedy 6: A spoonful of dry sugar-***WE HAVE A WINNER!!!***
Apparently this works by interrupting your breathing pattern. Either way, a customer at Starbucks told me to do this once and it did indeed work. I rememberd just a few minutes ago and did it again, and got rid of the hiccups! WOHOO!

A spoonful of sugar not only helps the medicine go down, it helps you from choking to death or dying from exhaustion from having the hiccups for 20 minutes straight!


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