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Snow Day!

Well, not exactly.
It's snowing right now and apparently the weather is going to take a nasty turn for the worse today.  Why is it that the weather gets really stoopid bad when I have Japanese?!
I am really hoping that tonight's class goes better than last Tuesday.  Okay, I have only had this bad partner one time, but seriously, he was so terrible. 
I would also feel really guilty about it if I missed a class due to me being a weather wuss.  I only have so many classes before I'm done what my sensei likes to call "survival Japanese."
The crappy thing about this is that I looked online to see if I can take Japanese level 2 in the spring and they DON'T OFFER IT.  SHAMBLES!!!  My only options are to either take private lessons (at $60 a pop for only 10 hours, but I get a private lesson) or wait to go to Japan and take level 2 in the fall.
I guess  I'll see where my finances are at.  I'm trying extremely hard to pay off all of my debt, but somehow stuff keeps coming up and I'm back in the pooper.  Such is life.  Actually, such is buying an ipod and then being slammed with over $400 in vet bills!  I am also out to clear off my student line of credit and attempt to completely shut it down.  I am going to try SUPER EXTRA EXTREMELY HARD to pay off my debt by around April 1.  I just want the debt to be gone.  It's not even that much money, but it lingers and stresses me out.  I should be able to rid myself at the latest of all debt by the end of April if I live like a hobo.  You might think that's pretty nuts, but when I was living in Banff I think I only spent $30 a week on groceries and somehow managed to actually eat well!
In other news, I have heard that Glennturd is flip-flopping on moving out again.  I have no real way to talk him out of this I guess.  He's just so loud though!  He tramples around upstairs like a little toddler!  Plus, when he does this, winston pretty much freaks out and barks for ten minutes any time Glenn slam-steps down the stairs to get out of his apartment.  The only solution I see is breaking his feet.  My return on investment in this case is twofold: one, he won't be able to live in that apartment anymore because there are two flights of stairs in it, and two: even if he stays, he won't be able to walk, therefore quieting down the apartment noise!
Okay okay, I'm not going to break his feet.  Maybe I'll just send a fleet of squirrels to attack him like one did in the summer…

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