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Winston the Wonder Pug

Winston, dear Winston. How much do I love you? A whole damn lot.

I got really over-excited last night because when I gave Winston his dinner he actually ran over to it and scarfed it down in record time!

“Hooray! My baby is doing okay!”

Then Steve reminded me that ravenous hunger is a side-effect of the medication he’s on.


Either way, he literally LEPT out of bed this morning to get his breakfast, so that was nice to see. He’s also wound up with wiggles again, which is also great. Slowly but surely he’s getting back to normal. Only thirteen more days of pills for him!

I’m really hoping that he doesn’t need a scope done though, because I was told that it was close to $1,000! Be still my beating bank account!


So I had Japanese again tonight, and I was partnered with a guy who had as much personality as maybe:

or maybe:

Wait, I take it back. At least the sand has character.

It’s pretty much the worst thing to be paired with someone who seems absolutely disinterested in learning. I mean, I don’t particularly like being partnered up with someone I don’t know, but if it makes me speak better, okay. The least you can do is make conversation. This guy basically made me want to shoot myself in the face.

This is not the most annoying person in the class though, oh no. The most annoying guy is this teenage dude who insists on pronouncing about 1/2 second LATER than everyone else in the class, and pronounces all the words WRONG. DEAD WRONG. He also has one of those voices that carries. I’ve decided to give him one hard karate chop to the neck. That ought to keep him from talking.

On a similar note, I was looking for a “learn Japanese” clip on youtube, and instead I found this gem of a video on how to teach Japanese people English (yes, it is safe for work):

I’m not sure how aerobics helps teach Japanese women being mugged to speak English, but I’m not sure I DISlike it…

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