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Inspiration Bonanza

Bloggers, I again ask for your brilliant opinions.  If I get to move into the apartment upstairs in my house, I will have an extra bedroom to do pretty much anything I want with.  As of yet, I have few creative ideas.  I can always go with the safe spare bedroom junk, but really we don't even need a spare bedroom.
So far I have these ideas:
IDEA 1: ARTSY FARTSY ROOM- Indeed, I will finally have refuge from the world in my own little studio!  I can set up an easel, but a buttload of art supplies, and go nutz.  This will likely require a huge investment in art supplies, but it would be really fuuuuun!  I could put all kinds of art photos and posters all over, maybe a yoga mat, some nice pillows blah blah blah.  Really let those creative juices fly!
IDEA 2: THE DOG'S ROOM- Well, with all the extra space, I can put all the dog's stuff in there!  They can have a fun, playtime room.  I can get some agility stuff and put their litter upstairs and toys can be showered all over the room.  The problem with this is that the room is up a flight of stairs, which would be a rather big workout for the pups.
IDEA 3: CIRCUS BONANZA ROOM OF MYSTERY!!!  Basically we're looking at some clowns, contortionists, maybe some seals, show dogs…you get the idea.  I guess I'd need a work permit or something for this though…
Anyone else have any ideas?

Winston Update

Well, I was going to post a funny photo of Winston, but again, blogger is being a manpon, so no picture tonight.

Winston started blowing more bloody snots out of his nose when we got to the vet, making me EXTREMELY worried. We discussed everything that has happened, and she said that without using a scope, which is a rather expensive procedure, that she couldn’t be sure. She noticed that the snots were only coming out of the right nostril, so it’s nothing like cancer.

She suggested that most likely he still has an irritated throat and a little stuffy nose. He might have a piece of carbaord stuck in his nose, and that could also be what’s irritating him as well. He’s also probably not eating because he’s having trouble breathing, so eating is more of a struggle.

We’re going to try antibiotics for 14 days to see if he perks up. The vet also suggested that he might not be eating because we switched his food right around the time that he barfed up the chocolate, so he might be associating the food with bad times. I’m sure we all have a food like that!

HOPEFULLY he doesn’t need to have a scope put down his nasal passage.

He’s in pretty good spirits though. He met a boston terrier/bulldog cross, which was a really good looking dog! He also had a little play session with a terrier, so he was in a good mood.

On a bad note, Winston is officially a porker. The vet said he’s 22 pounds and he should probably be around 18. Winston is going on a diet! What a bad few weeks for him! I even cut back his food twice and he’s still a little pudgy! It’s like he absorbs fat from the air!

So now I have to go out and buy new food all over again (AGH!), give him antibiotics, not exercise him too much (because of his airway), but make sure not to overfeed him. What’s a mother to do?!

I really want him to feel better though, and I’d do basically anything for him, so hopefully in a few weeks he’s at 100%!

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