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Seriously. This conversation just happened outside my office.

Person 1: "Did you just do what I think you did?"
Person 2: *laughs*
Person 1: "Seriously, did you just do that?"
Person 2: "Well, a bobby pin usually works better to get all the junk out of your ear."
Person 1: "Are you SERIOUS?!  Have you ever heard of a q-tip?!?!"
Person 2: "Naw, naw.  You need somethin' sharp to get in there!"

Cheers Darlin’ (oohca! <– The story of the reverse sneeze)

Today is a Damien Rice listening day.  It's pretty nippy outside and grey.  Not to put anyone in a grey mood though! 
I feel like I'm sitting in an elevator all day when I'm at my desk because of the fluorescent lights and the low volume of the music I listen to.  This whole sharing a big office makes it a lot harder to rock out.  Clearly no headbanging will be had.
My office mate put up a painting of horses last week on her side of the office.  Clearly this woman doesn't know how much a hate horses.  I bet she really wanted a pony when she was little because she just seems like one of those people.
I guess I'm not one to talk though, I have a painting of a pug over my desk…and a daily pug calendar…and a pug day planner.  Okay okay, I'm over the top with pugs, but if you love something so hilarious, why not ram it down the throats of your co-workers?!
My weekend was a realxed one for the most part.  I just cleaned, watched movies, had a nice 3 hour coma nap on Friday…the usual.
I'm afraid there's something wrong with my dear Winston though.  Let me explain…
About a week and a half ago Steve bought me one of those cheesy heart-shaped boxes of chocolates (*awwwww*).  Anyhow, we were in another room for about ten minutes, when I walk back into the living room, Winston has managed to hop onto the couch, get on the side table, get the box of chocolates (which is wrapped), put it on the floor, unwrap it, open the box, and starts eating the chocolate.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I scream as I do a baseball slide into the couch to grab as much chocolate as I can out of his mouth, and Zelda's.  I quickly move to the kitchen to count the chocolates.  Okay, between the two of them, about five chocolates were eaten.  Steve and I force feed the pugs some hydrogen peroxide to get them to barf.  These were the most stressful twenty minutes of dog ownership I've had.  Winston throws up quickly, but Zelda doesn't.  We end up having to take Zelda to the emergency vet.  They make her throw up for the low low price of $130, and we end up finding out that she didn't even eat any of the chocolate.
Better safe than sorry!  Really, better safe than dying of a siezure.
The next day Winston is left alone with Zelda for MAYBE an hour, in which time he decides to destroy a box of band-aids.  Now I have no idea what happened (because he didn't ingest any of the band-aids), but Winston makes the most TERRIBLE choking/coughing noises I've ever heard.  This happens off and on for a few hours, in which time I decide to keep a close eye on him just in case this is a passing thing.  It doesn't pass by morning, so again we head to the emergency vet for help.  After waiting for 2 hours, we finally see a vet who tells us that she thinks he just scratched his throat on cardboard from the box, so we get antibiotics and head home.
The terrible coughing/choking is discovered to be the infamous "reverse sneeze."  This, may I say, is the most fear-enducing noise an animal owner can hear.  If you look it up on Youtube there's a few videos of some animals reverse sneezing, just FYI.  Look it up if you have a pug, because there may come a time when your pug makes this noise, and you will truly be thinking your dog is choking to death.  This is actually a normal thing for these kids of dogs to do.  Not to worry.
MY issue is that Winston is still reverse sneezing on a fairly regular basis, even after antibiotics.  He never did this before the band-aid box incident.  He has "the best nostrils and airway seen on a pug" according to my regular vet.  This means that he should rarely, if ever, make this noise. 
He's been doing this for a week.  His eating habits have also since changed.  This could be because he's a picky eater, but I am not so sure.  He'll eat if we hand feed him, but won't eat out of his dish.
He's also blowing snot every once and a while that is the color of bricks.  This is obviously not a good sign.
Perhaps mucus from an infection?
Either way, he's going to the vet again today for an inspection by our regular vet.  Hopefully it's nothing, but Winston just isn't acting right.  I'm worried for my little bear!!!
In total I think I've had to spend $400 unexpected dollars on dog emergencies in the past week and a half!  OUCH.  I really don't know if insurance on both dogs is worth it though.  I guess I'll just keep fronting accident costs!  Sadly though I had to cancel out on Winston's first obedience class tonight because I am out of money for the pets until the end of the month!  Winston's gonna have to wait till Feb. 28th to get his train on!

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