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This Just In!

I dislike Joanna Newsom’s music a *little less.

Just a little. Except when she makes that crazy squeaking noise. I really hate that.

Other than that, I can deal.


Rip VanWinkle ain’t got NOTHIN’ on me.

I can sleep pretty much anywhere, at any time.  I'm pretty sure I've always been like this, as I have distinct memory of laying on the couch half asleep when I was very young, unwilling to get ready for school.  I literally couldn't will myself to move.  My mom would have to dress my limp body just to ensure that I didn't go to school in my pjamas.  The great thing about that is that what I was wearing would be a surprise every day.  I distinctly remember a purple sweatsuit…
During the time I worked at Starbucks, I was able to counteract the lack of sleep I got (from having to wake up at 4:30am for work) by drinking copious amounts of coffee.  I didn't even LIKE coffee when I started there, and by the end of my three-year stint I was able to down straight shots of espresso to keep myself awake.
When I had to work early at the hospital (6am), there really wasn't a chance to stop and feel tired because there's so much stuff to stock (we're talking around over half of an eight floor hospital).  Only when I was done work did I realize how beat I was.
Now that I've been working in an office setting for almost a year, I have realized that the tiredness is not going away.  I am ALWAYS ready to sleep.  Vitamin deficiency you say?  I don't think so because I am (mostly) a vegetarian who loves to eat tofu.  So far I have never been able to find a "right" amount of sleep.
The only time table that has worked for me has been that I've noticed that I can go to bed at any time, as long as I get up around 10am.  Then, and only then it seems that I don't feel like I am a little person looking out two eyeball windows, controlling this big machine (the rest of my body).
Okay, I'll admit that I miss breakfast every day, but that is in part because I can't seem to get my ass out of bed without hitting snooze at least twice. 
I don't sleep so much as I coma.
"How was your coma?"
"Excellent!  I feel GREAT!"
You may also say that I am tired from my medication, which might be true.  If that's the case though, I'm not sure what I can do about that, because believe me, I'd rather be REALLY tired than feel anxious and depressed.  Perhaps another brand of medication?  We will see.
What I am also thinking is that I may have some sort of Seasonal Affective Disorder from the lack of sunlight here in the winter.  I'd say the weather turns to poop here around October, and it's not sunny really until about June.  That leaves four months of actual sun.  And that's when June isn't casing a terrential downpour like it has in recent years.
Keeping that in mind, there's only about three months of sun.
Is sunlight the problem?
My house is also faced in such a way that there is only one window that receives the majority of sunlight.  One window on a floor that has around five. 
Could it be that I can sleep 8 hours a night and then easily take a 2 hour nap after work because of the sun?!
What is this witchcraft?!?!
I'm thinking of buying one of those light therapy doohickeys (yes, that is the technical term).  It shines concentrated, bright light at you that simulates the sun's rays.  You just have to sit with it near you for about a half hour a day.  Apparently if you have SAD, it'll help you by mimicking the sun's rays in your eyes, and that will in turn, regulate your biological clock and get you back to a normal sleeping pattern. 
Why not just shine a lamp in your face, you may ask?
Because that's crazy.
This light is set up with bulbs that are different from standard lightbulbs.  Oh if only it were as easy as a $5 lamp from IKEA.
I'm thinking of going to Community Natural Foods and checking one out.  Maybe I can try it for a few days, and if it doesn't work, I can bring it back?
Either way it's going to be hilarious to look like I've bought my own face-tanning machine.

The sunrises here are the BEST.

When I saw this sunrise, I thought of Xray, who misses the sky here. I grabbed my camera to catch one of the sunrises here for him.


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