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My (Guilty) Pleasure

Why, WHYYYYYY do I like this song?! I think it sounds more like the older stuff at least!

Pugs, Pugs, Books, and Pugs

I’ve heard a lot of sweet stuff about this book, so after I finished reading Pug Hill (another book worth reading if you love pugs). I liked Pug Hill because it captured the innocent pleasure of just watching pugs be pugs. It also had a really sweet story behind it as well. It also made my mission to find out if there really is a “Pug Hill” in New York City. Oh if there is….it will truly be my heaven!

Clara looks like it’s going to be a good read. “You would think that a 12-pound dog would know her place in the world. Well, you obviously haven’t met Clara, the pug that rules writer Margo Kaufman’s life and the topic of discussion in Clara: The Early Years, Kaufman’s hilarious account of living with the imperious pug.”
This book was published in 1999, and it’s been IMPOSSIBLE to find. Finally, I phoned McNally Robinson bookstore and they’re getting one in for me! YESSSSSS!

Books make me all nerd excited! I’m going to get my suspenders and my pocket protector!

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