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PCs give me headaches. Every morning when I come to work, I turn on my PC and listen to that wonderful grinding noise of the hard drive trying to warm up enough to work. It’s not even that my computer is old, because it’s not, it’s just that PCs are pieces of garbage (or at least I think so).
Listening to that sandpaper noise of my computer trying to just get to the main login page is enough to send me screaming out of my office.
Then once I’m into the system, I wait another minute or two after I’ve clicked the Outlook icon to try to read my emails. Then I maybe try and click a Word document open. GOOD LUCK. I then proceed to sit for five minutes while my PC decides between the two in a Battle Royale-type fight. Information is traveling…I can hear it loud and clear inside the tower. WHY AREN’T YOU LOADING ANYTHING?!!
To make it worse, I sit with a large fluorescent light above my head. I’m thinking of adding something over my head just so I don’t have to look at my washed-out walls all day.
Then my PC decides to update, thus slowing down everything I’m doing. Then I have to re-start to ensure my updates have installed properly. WHYYYYY!!!!
Every once and a while a program shuts me out, explaining simply that it’s “not responding.” Not responding, eh? MAYBE A BASEBALL BAT WILL CONVINCE YOU TO WORK!

Eventually I go home and hug my Mac. My beautiful, beautiful Mac. Sure, the plug has been ripped out a few times and is now fairly bent. Sure Winston peed on it once….BUT IT STILL WORKS LIKE A GEM. LIKE A FUCKING GEM. No stalls. No “thinking” noises while I sit and wait. No viruses. No problem.

Tonight, if you have a Mac, go home and rub it along your naked body with thanks. It’s just that good.

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