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Ladies, eat your hearts out!

I have exciting news! The glorious hunk of man-dog pictured above is The Duke. This is pretty much the best pug alive (well, okay, there’s a long-listed tie between Winston, Zelda, Meimei, Miko, and The Duke for best pug). This is my favorite dog to see at Pug Meetups. He can’t get his tongue in his mouth, he snorts to high heaven, he’s huge and soft, and he doesn’t so much play at the meetups as finds someone to lean against while he snorts.
Oh Duke, you had me at “snarf.”
What’s even better is that The Duke personally asked Zelda to be his Valentine at the February Pug Meetup! I can’t tell you how long I was squealing for about this.
If I could somehow clone this dog, I would do it because he’s great.
Duke, I am your biggest fan!

***EDIT: Daisy is also included in the best pug contest***

I’m turning Japanese!

Well, okay, not completely, but hell yes tonight I FINALLY started JAPANESE!!!!

There was an interesting crowd present. There are about fifteen people in the class. Two dads with their sons, two older couples taking the class together. A woman in her forties who always looks like she’s shocked to be ANYWHERE, and the rest are dudes who are probably taking Japanese so that they will be able to masturbate to Hentai without having to read those pesky subtitles.

That’s right. I am the only girl in her twenties. Le sigh.

As per my usual ways, I sat at the front of the room. My sensei is so little. I’d go so far as to say “wittle.” She’s so wittle!

I learned some complicated terms this evening. It’s quite apparent that Japanese is VERY difficult for white people. I’ve never heard so many pronunciations of the same word in my life!

Overall, this class kicks insane amounts of ass. I love it!

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