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Winston has a special message for Camara..

Dear Cadbury Mini Eggs,

You are so crazy delicious I don’t know what to do with myself. In fact, you are so good that I would have “relations” with you, if I could.
Maybe it’s the delicious chocolate, maybe it’s the crisp sugary shell. All I know is that they have started selling you at Macs again and I am probably going to single-handedly support the Cadbury empire by buying as many bags of these little bastards as I can.

Your loyal supporter,

L to the Mizzle.

It really does.

Truly this wins for all-time sexiest pose

Am I right?!

Decatur, Or, Round Of Applause For Your Stepmother!

Oh Sufjan Stevens, you have the craziest song titles.

This weekend I babysat my niece so that my sister could go for coffee with one of her BFF’s, Lori. Steve made Sidney and I a pretty badass blanket fort consisting of several pillows, all of our dining room chairs, two blankets, and two pugs. Here is a glimpse of the results:
and here is Lori experiencing the fort when they got back:
See, Lori? You’re on the blog!

In other general news, there is an odd aroma coming from my dining room. It could be the chips, the pop, the half-eaten sub, or the gross old coffee that Steve left on the table from Macs.

Hooray for Bollywood!

I just realized that I was surfing the net while listening to Bollywood music. I don’t even know what song I was actually listening to on my iTunes before my Bollywood bonanza began. Generally I like the wacky nature of Bollywood songs, so I tried looking up some information on Bollywood, and instead found this dance troop:“Hello? Next Birthday Party? Uh, Yeah, we need to book this group!”
Look at this photo. Who knows what kind of shindinglings they have up their skirts! A sword, a cain, and a fucking chandelier balancing on their heads?! SOLD.

On the same site I also found an Indian juggling act called, “Brothers from Another Mother.” Need I say more?

Can someone also explain to me how the men end up just wearing street clothing while the women are in saris?

Apparently this is a movie still from Bollywood Confidential. GENIUS.

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