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Winston, my little English gentleman, has had the runs for a few days. I decided it was time for a food overhaul. I generally don’t like feeding my dogs dry food. It just seems…boring I guess. Same old kibble…day after day…LAAAAME!
When I got Winston, his breeder suggest I feed him the food that she had, which is always standard when you get a puppy. She fed him Eukanuba dry food, then a tiny scoop of Cesars (otherwise known as McDonald’s for dogs) and GASP! I will admit it Ol’ Roy wet food. That’s right. Wal-Mart’s dog food brand.
I have felt so dirty every time I pick up this food for Winston. It’s like I’m buying my fat brother hamburgers! I have tried switching his wet food before, but he won’t eat it! I tried Science Diet, and the little turd wouldn’t touch it! Sadly, I kept feeding him a scoop of Ol’ Roy, and axed the Cesars to avoid turning Winston into a fat tub of lard.
Not to say that my breeder isn’t EXCELLENT. I love this woman to death and I still keep in touch with her. She has around 40 pugs though, so I understand her need to feed them a less expensive wet food, especially if they get a really good dry food.
Then a week ago Winston started having little poonamis. Little squirts. I figured I’d try switching the food again to see if I can find something that Winston will eat (Zelda will eat ANYTHING), that I can feel good about feeding him, and that has all the nutrients he needs to be a strong little marshmallow-shaped dog!
I proceeded to buy three different cans of food and test them. Day 1 I went for Science Diet. Zelda gobbled hers, and so did Winston! I got so excited that I bought a flat and a half of Science Diet! Sadly, within a day Winston would no longer eat it.
Day 2 I try another dog food. Winston and Zelda eat it, but are generally not excited.
Day 3 I decide to throw caution to the wind and try the freshest dog food I can buy in a store. Zelda gobbles it! Winston gobbles it! WE HAVE A WINNER!
What’s even better is that this food is ON SALE! GLORIOUS DAY!
After consulting Amanda, I decided to stick with Deli Fresh dog food. She suggested I also try giving them a spoonfull of fat-free, plain yogurt to deal with Winston’s room-clearing gas problem! WHAT A GENIUS! It’s working!
She also suggested trying Moo! brand bully sticks for the dogs to chew on if I decide to stick with the Deli Fresh diet. Moo! bully sticks come from Free Range Brazilian cattle that graze on the lush, green fields of Brazil and drink from fresh, clear, sparkling springs and streams. They are given NO hormones, NO antibiotics, and NO animal by products are added to their diets like U.S. and Canadian cattle that are kept in feed lots (damn us Canadians and our cow antics!). I bought some of these yesterday and they are also WINNERS! They don’t stink (like bones), they don’t leave a mess (like bones), and the dogs LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
Amanda is truly my pug Jesus.
I am happy to report at least a 90% reduction in the stinkyness of my apartment since two days ago! I’m living in a fresh-air haven! Note: the other 10% of farts are from humans.
The only incident I have to report is that Steve tried to pick Zelda up and move her off of a pillow when she was eating a bully stick, when Zelda growled. Steve thought this was really funny, so he put her down and then tried to pick her up again. More growling. He did it one more time (bad idea!) when CHOMP! Zelda attatcked Steve’s hand ferociously in defence of her delicious treat! CESAR MILAN!!! WHERE ARE YOU NOW?!?! I have a killer 7-pound pug puppy in my house!!!
Don’t worry, Steve has a band-aid on and has forgiven her.

Has THIS happened to you?

Has anyone else ever had the cold rush of fear when you feel a slight breeze in your pants, leading you to believe your fly has been open all morning?

Maybe it’s just because it’s around -35 with the windchill here today and the cold from outside has decided to shack up in the crotch of my pants…

Anyhow, it was a false alarm! Sadly, I realized that the cold I was feeling was because I had forgotten to button up my shirt! SILLY ME! I kid, I kid.

On another note about suit pants, they are basically the WORST thing ever invented for cold weather. I guess I don’t own any lined wool pants or any fancy stuff like that, but it’s like wrapping myself in tissue paper and heading out the door! I HATE when my legs are cold. HAAAAAAATE it.

Can I get a harness up in here?!

These little puggies grow up so fast! They keep porking out of their harnesses!

I’ve been debating between these two:
Choice #1, the Puppia harness. I’ve seen a lot of these around on dogs, and I’ve heard a lot of good things, but I haven’t seen a lot of them on dogs in this city. I haven’t been able to find one either.
This is made out of fabric so that it doesn’t chafe the dog. It also fits kind of like a little shirt so it doesn’t pull on the neck and choke the dog either.
Harness #2: the Buddy Belt. This is a leather harness that the dog can step into so that it doesn’t pull on the neck. I’ve heard that this one can chafe the armpits of the dog, so that’s why I’ve been wary of getting one.

I finally chose the Puppia harness after a lot of thought. It took FOREVER to find a site that I could get one at that would even ship to Canada. Then when I found the site, it told me that my credit card was invalid. I called the store and tried asking what would be wrong…

“Maybe, uh, you should call your credit company. Does your card have money on it?”

“Um, YES, that’s why I am ordering a product. Your order system is telling me that my card is somehow invalid though.”

“Hmm, maybe you should call your credit company. Just hang on and I’ll check…”


Thank you for telling me EXACTLY what I didn’t need to hear and pay long-distance for.

Eventually I entered another email address and that somehow magically allowed me to order one. WTF?

If this harness works for her I’ll order one for Winston too, so we’ll see!

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