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There’s nothing quite like

stepping your bare foot right into a mysteriously placed puppy turd.

At least…I think it was a puppy turd…

Steve was glorious enough to purchase a new back door mat after we had a little situation with our current mat. The mat at the back door is covering up some tiles that are broken, and since I come in the back door all the time, it also saves me from having to scrub that particular part of the floor over and over!
Zelda was peer pressuring Winston into eating this rug. This rug is made of scratchy twine and is braided tightly, but somehow the dogs managed to unravel part of it and start to eat it. I sprayed an ENTIRE bottle of Bitter Yuck onto the mat and that didn’t even stop them! The last straw (or twine, if you will) was when Winston couldn’t poop properly on the weekend and Steve managed to pull a rather large length of twine out of Winston’s ass all covered in pooh!
So Steve bought a new mat for the back door last night and I was really excited to have a new mat (because that’s just the kind of exciting lady I am). Not even five minutes pass and Winston manages to unravel part of the new mat and try to eat it! DAMNIT!
Now I’m going to have to go to Ikea and find a rug that looks like it tastes really bad…

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