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What a DRAG!

Last night I attended Carly’s Angels, the most gorgeously over the top drag show in town! This is the second time I’ve been to the Village Cantina to see the show, and I have to say that seeing men dress up as sexy women never gets old. How could it?!

Here is the lovely Mercedez, my favorite drag queen of all. I’m pretty sure this man has the best legs on either a man or woman I’ve ever seen.

Here is the beautiful Miss Shae, doing a Judy Garland impersonation:
And of course, the star of the show, the super sexy Carly!
I am personally poop my pants amazed that these men can walk in higher heels than I can. I would probably end up with a heel in my eye if I tried to walk in 6 inch heels. How it would get in my eye, I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I could do it.
Again we have the wonderful Mercedez doing a special Cher Christmas song in an infamous “If I could turn back time” outfit. SPARKLE AND SHINE!
Yes, all the men get special treatment for being good enough sports to attend the show. Here’s a man getting a special version of, “Santa Baby.” YESSSS!
Again, let me present to you some of the most wonderful legs I have ever seen:
And a nice ass too!

So, so, SO fun. I’m trying to get Steve and Dan to come along and enjoy some men in dresses, so we’ll see. Anyone living in Calgary needs to see this!

I know this has been posted a lot, but this is AMAZING.

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