This photo sums up my relationship with Winston

I don’t know what the hell was going on when this photo was taken, and apparently, neither does Winston. It made for good times though. He had a nice nap with me today…on my head.

And because I think the photo above makes me look special ed, I would like to post a gratuitous photo to illustrate that I don’t always have an idiot face in photos:

Also, congrats to Dan, who is going to be working at Gravity Pope shoes starting the week before Christmas! You lucky son of a B, you’ll be surrounded by so many stylish and beautiful shoes!!!! Actually, that’s a good place to pick up women….just keep that in mind…

Well, I’m off to prepare to consume a record amount of booze and food in a short span of time because I’m attending my college’s staff newspaper Christmas party, but I have to leave early to write a crummy paper about my experience at my job for my college. Bummer! Free nachos are indeed not a bummer though.

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