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Oh Christmas. You bring my debt to unruly levels. Every year I manage to go over-budget and buy myself into debt again. My new goal until the 15th (the next time I get paid) is to spend no excessive money on anything. Nothing for me. Watch me as I have limited myself to a budget of $60 for the next two weeks. YIKES!
We’ll see how I do.
I am almost done Christmas shopping, but I still have a few items left to purchase, so that’s going on the credit card and I’m going to purchase NOTHING for two weeks. I’d like to say it’s for some amazing politial reason like BUY NOTHING DAY, but no. The groceries will be bought tonight and I will (try to) spend no more than $60 until the 15th.

This could get difficult.

After the 15th I’ll be cruisin’ my way to a debt-free situation!

Actually, the whole reason I’m on an extremely tight budget is because after getting a flat tire checked, I was told by the service station that they couldn’t find a problem with my tire.

“Are you sure it’s going flat?”

“Uhh, YEAH. Why would I bring it in otherwise?”

“Well anyway, there’s no hole in the tire.”

This led me to drive around and discover that THAT particular service station is full of morons because my tire AGAIN went flat. This forced me to ask my step-dad to help me get tires (he manages a Kal-Tire). Now I have FOUR new tires on my car which hit me with a nasty $430 bill right in the middle of Christmas shopping season.

Anyhow, when I lived in Banff I survived on a budget of $30 for two weeks, so I figure I’m up for the challenge.

How do you survive the Christmas shopping bonanza?

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