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Why is a good collar so hard to find?!

I don’t know if anyone else thinks this is ridiculous, but I cannot find a hot pink dog collar anywhere! What the hell?!
Yes, the world has bigger problems, but hey, we’re talking about an awesome little pug who needs to look like a lady! I would never have thought I’d have such a pain in the arse time finding a DOG COLLAR.
I also realize that Zelda will grow out of the collar in a few months, but I just want a pretty little girly collar for my girly puppy!
The collars I keep finding either are NOT pink, or have some kind of tacky decal ribbon sewn on the outside of the collar, thus hiding all of the hot pink awesomeness.
I’m also on the fence about whether I should bother buying a dog collar that has a buckle, or a clip fastener. There’s just something about a clip fastener (like the pretty one above) that makes me feel safer for the dogs. Is that too nutsy?
I went to a few Petlands over the weekend and I’ve been to Petsmart and to Petcetera and the collars that they have that ARE pink are either baby pink (meh) or are really nice but they don’t have any that will fit Zelda because she’s too little.
You’d think pink would be popular for girlie dogs…I dunno!
Anyhow, that is my post-weekend rant. I called La Pawsh boutique to see what they had, and they have some, but with rhinestones, so I guess we’ll see. If anything else my trip there should be an entertaining one full of putting the dogs in ridiculous outfits!
Does anyone know where a gal can get a hot pink puppy collar?!

It may be cold outside, but my mommy keeps me warm.

Smiles and love! What’s better?!

Let’s Talk About Boobs

Oh boobs. You have confused me for so long.

So Oprah does these shows where she talks about how women don’t know their breast size and I always mean to check up on my own bra size…then I forget.

Well lately the ladies have been hurtin’ up a storm, so I decided to make a grand quest across the internet to find my bra size.

Findin’ it ain’t easy!

I consulted a few websites about figuring out bra sizes and measured myself out a size. It certainly wasn’t the size of the bra I was wearing!

Oh boobs, what’s up with you?!

I had to go to buy some bras because it felt like I was suffocating in my shirt.

Weeeeell, the bra fitting at home didn’t give me quite the right size, but I just had to change the width, not the cup (which had also changed). VOILA! My boobs felt like they were home.

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