Office Politix

This photo doesn’t really represent my current situation…the most obvious thing being that I am not a man, nor do I have a moustache! However, I am experiencing a troubling office situation.
Somehow, I am the only person uner 35 in my entire organization, except for the front desk girl I pretty much NEVER see. It’s interesting for sure. I enjoy being young and starting a profession in something I truly believe in. The bad thing is that I’m fairly sure some of them think because I’m younger than them, that I’m dumber than them. Has anyone else had this problem? I might just be oversensitive on this one, but some of the “helpful” suggestions sound more like stuff my mother would tell me than someone who will have to implement suggestions that I make!

10 Responses to “Office Politix”

  1. 1 Anonymous October 5, 2006 at 10:25 pm

    I’ve always been horrible about handling office politics… but one thing I can say is to hold tight! Soon they will know that you are a total superstar and will start coming to you for more info/opinions. Right now, I bet they are a little jealous of your sexy good looks and hot ass and they are thinking that you know bupkiss about squat. Soon, you will over take them all!!! Just lay low and try not to get it to bother you (easier said than done) cause that will just cause tension in the long run.

    When I started my job, the two ladies who work in my department are a) over 50 and 2) have been working here 100 years or longer and know the in’s and out’s like the back of their varicose vains legs. So, I just laid low and did what I could, always asking if I could help them out or if they had a “task” for me (one lady kept giving me print out’s asking me to add up the numbers on every page – what am I an accountant!!?!#*@^$). Finally I started getting my own files and projects and once they saw I could handle my own – they would come to me with questions and insight.

    Oh – and bring in donuts on Friday. That helps too 😀

  2. 2 Ultra Toast Mosha God October 6, 2006 at 9:13 am

    I too am the youngest in my department, by about 10 years.

    I am treated like an errant child a lot of the time by people whom I know are at least 3.8 times less intelligent than me.

    Any suggestions I make are dismissed out of hand as being ‘premature’, whatever that means.

  3. 3 Ultra Toast Mosha God October 6, 2006 at 9:14 am

    p.s: uhhh. I have no advice to help. Sorry

  4. 4 Okami October 6, 2006 at 1:39 pm

    You’re not alone there L…

    Let me muse on this for a bit and I’ll see what I can come up with…

  5. 5 LMizzle October 6, 2006 at 2:39 pm

    Yeah who knows. One person emailed me to tell me that my “signature” *probably* should be changed because they thought that the department should all be sending the same message.

    The issue with this is that:
    1) An email was just sent out TWO days ago SUGGESTING that we choose one of a few quotes to add to our signature;
    2) No one up until yesterday had the same signature

    I don’t know…this just really made me mad. I was like, “Yeah, wow, thanks for the AWESOME feedback, but I know how to write a signature and market a nonprofit, and if you think that putting 4 paragraphs of info at the bottom of EVERY email you send is really going to help us, then I would like to congratulate you on being the first person to have a pig literally fly out of your ass.

  6. 6 Lorkeet October 6, 2006 at 6:26 pm

    I totally know that it’s frustrating now and really, there is nothing you can do to change it short of quitting. In every aspect of our lives, be it professional or social, there will always be an older, more experienced person who will feel it is their job and duty to enlighten you and give you helpful “hints and tips”. I know it can be maddening, insulting and aggravating, but you can’t change it. All you can change is your reaction to it. So, allow it to keep bothering you and be miserable, or work on ways to shrug it off. I am currently playing the role of older, more experienced worker to a newbie and your post will make me evaluate how I deal with her. I know my motivation is not to be bossy or condescending, but rather to help her fit in and learn how to play the game at our company. Really, it is all in the way people apprach it. One person can tell you to do something and it won’t bother you and another person can tell you the same thing and you will want to punch them in the throat! Relationships are funny that way.

  7. 7 Xrayeagle October 6, 2006 at 6:48 pm

    That’s pretty much my job now. They really love to gossip about me and talk behind me back and when I first started everyone was really condescending. Just stand you ground and you’ll impress them with your qualifications because you got that job for a reason. All the oldies just feel anxious around young people who are making the same as them, because its like seeing yourself getting replaced by the new model. They’ll warm up though. Until then, just stick to your guns and don’t be bothered by chilling on your own.

    Oh, and go for lunch with the front desk girl, I bet she sees things the exact same way as you. Just, um, don’t sleep with her little sister!

  8. 8 LMizzle October 6, 2006 at 7:23 pm

    Oh man Mike, that was glorious.

    To everyone: I actually just had a meeting with this person and they told me about this ENORMOUS email problem they were having and have had for the entire time they’ve been here (4 years).
    In 10 minutes flat I found a way to solve their problem. Now instead of spending 8 hours at a time trying to solve their problem, they just have to hit a button.

    BLAMO! The pants were impressed right off. I shall create a fantastical showcase wall containing all of the pairs of pants I wow off of people at my job. I need a clever name for the wall though…something like, “You’re invited to the Pants Party”…

    Lorkeet: I’d say be nice and not condescending to her, but I mean if she’s a total dumbass then slap that girl straight! I was just mad because I know I’m going to graduate being an honors student and that I probably know more about their job than THEY do because I’m the first person in the organization with a degree in running a nonprofit!

  9. 9 Ultra Toast Mosha God October 7, 2006 at 10:27 am

    Call it the ‘Great Wall of Chino’s’

  10. 10 Anonymous October 9, 2006 at 4:49 pm

    I have always had that problem, until my current job. People just telling me what to do even though I don’t answer to them, that kind of thing. At my current job it’s so definitely not like that (thank god). There aren’t really any “office politics” at all.

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