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Office Politix

This photo doesn’t really represent my current situation…the most obvious thing being that I am not a man, nor do I have a moustache! However, I am experiencing a troubling office situation.
Somehow, I am the only person uner 35 in my entire organization, except for the front desk girl I pretty much NEVER see. It’s interesting for sure. I enjoy being young and starting a profession in something I truly believe in. The bad thing is that I’m fairly sure some of them think because I’m younger than them, that I’m dumber than them. Has anyone else had this problem? I might just be oversensitive on this one, but some of the “helpful” suggestions sound more like stuff my mother would tell me than someone who will have to implement suggestions that I make!

April Showers in October

Man, what the hell? My cat keeps using my bed as a litter box! She’s peed on my comforter, the cover, the mattress cover, the sheets….aaaaaaah! So frustrating. I don’t even know why. I change the litter every week, I give her breakfast and dinner and special milk for cats….WHAT GIVES, BELLA?!

Aside from this, I went for lunch with Okami at this crazy restaurant in Chinatown called the “U & ME” or something. There we ate veggies that resembled something closer to tampons than vegetables. Yikes! Fun times though.

The job is still going well. All the ladies in my office are on Weight Watchers and are at LEAST 10 years older than me, which kinda sucks. I made friends with the girl at the main desk though…she’s named after genitals though, so I can’t walk by her without giggling in my head…maybe she just thinks I’m a lesbian….whatev!

Does your boss ever give you stuff to do and you get it done so fast that you don’t really have anything to do the rest of the week? Either I’m really good at my job or really bad…

Anyhow, that’s the short update!

Adios! Off to work!

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