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It’s back to school!

and I’m not going! I live right near an elementary school, and it’s so strange to see the kids playing out in the field. I remember when I was little and had to play in the field at lunch. I remember the playgroung equipment getting so hot you’d burn your ass on the way down the slide, and no one wanted to push you on the swing for fear of getting second degree burns. Then there was the kid who puked on the slide…that kid sucked. Then when it was so cold outside they still forced you to go outside, and you’d try to sneak inside because it was so cold, then the janitor would have to corral all the kids waiting in the entryways to get warm and shoo them outside with his trusty broom.

I remember when I got into junior high I was shocked and appauled that there was no recess! “YOU MEAN I HAVE TO SIT AROUND UNTIL NOON?!?!?” That’s puberty for you I guess.

Oh oh, and then there’s high school. I think I made it through high school pretty well. Wasn’t into drugs, wasn’t going out all the time. I had a pretty solid group of friends in high school. Around the end a lot of them decided they didn’t like the others though…that was pretty shitty.

Then there was college. Oh college…you were the longest five years of my life. I really don’t think kids should be deciding what they are going to do for the rest of their lives when they’re 17. It took me another 3 years to pick something!

So here I sit, waiting to see if anyone wants to hire me for my first full time, permanent job. I’m also listening to reggae on the radio and drinking OJ…

Cheers to Septmember!

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