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If you were a planet, you’d be Uranus


I can’t say that this no weekday job thing is bad by any means! I want a job naturally, but it’s nice to just hang around and play with my animals. I get to wake up late and eat and hang out all day, it’s good times. Hopefully a job will come soon though so that I can quit El Hospital job and move onto a full-time job! I have a few prospects, but having to rewrite a resume over and over gets mighty dull!

Looks like I’m going to Banff on Thursday or Friday though, so that’ll be radpants! I can give the official finger to my old job there!

It’s so quiet in my house right now! The pets are asleep and Steve is at work…it reminds me of being in school last year. I’d sit for hours typing up papers and doing homework…it was actually rather peaceful.

The fact that I won’t be back this year is so strange! My first full year out in the world! WTF? I remember I had a wee break before I went to college (sept-dec), but this is the big times folks. I’m officially out of school. I keep seeing Staples ads for back to school supplies and it feels kind of strange. I don’t think it’s fully hit yet though. Some of my pals are back to school next week and I am applying for careers all over the place! It’ll be nice to be able to book days off and have a real Christmas vacation and the freedom to take vacations (however small they may be). I am extremely academic though, so the fact that I won’t be studying for anything or writing papers is going to hit me eventually…

there’s only so much Dr. Phil I can watch before I notice I’m not learning anything!

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