Lots about Lots

Okay, I have a lot of fun pictures I’d like to explain, so get ready for random! First off, I got my Cesar Milan stuff I ordered off of Amazon! AWESOME!!! I’m excited to see him tame a freakin’ CRAZY chihuahua (is that how you spell that??? Ah well). Perhaps either the book or DVD will help me get Winston to stop chomping on my pants!

I caught this photo last night as I heard Winston making a chomping noise for no reason. I found him on the floor of my bedroom with a lolipop stick hanging out of his mouth! Sadly, the lolipop was already gone from a delicious breakfast at Nellie’s.
A few days ago I tried to also teach him how to fly. He did pretty good! (For those of you who are wondering where Bella pictures are, she hasn’t done anything funny in a while, I think she’s decided to be the smarter pet)

On a nerd front, Steve, Dan and I found these bumper stickers on someone’s van outside of the Sci Fi festival we tried to go to…

And now, because I read 100 things about my newest blogging friend Amanda and found out that she hates the Stampede, I thought I’d take you on a pictoral journey of why I think the Stampede is hillarious and fun…perhaps I might change her mind???

Reason #1: PEOPLE WATCHING!!! Look at this asian woman! SO AMAZING. She looks like the coolest skunk I’ve EVER seen. This is why I love Japan.

Reason #2: ANIMAL MARVELS!!! Look at these sheep testicles!!! HOLY CRAP. These are practically magestic they’re so big!
REASON #3: ODD FARMERS AND THEIR KIDS. This kid is sleeping with dairy cows…did someone say TOTALLY SWEET?!?!?

REASON #4: IDIOTS. This guy was hanging out in the livestock section of the Stampede….in a Superman costume…I had to be really sneaky to get a picture of this guy. I don’t know where he came from and I don’t know why he felt the need to dress up for some cows…
REASON #5: Llamas. Seriously. They’re awesome.

REASON #6: SUPERDOGS!!! Okay, it’s the same show every year, but sometimes there are PUGS there! The host can’t even spell salsa right, and he showed up to one of the performances in a LEATHER SUIT. WHAAAAAT???!

3 Responses to “Lots about Lots”

  1. 1 mypugsblog August 18, 2006 at 2:55 pm

    Ok – I have to admit – you made the Stampede look fun… and maybe one year I’ll give it another chance. But there better be kids sleeping with the cows, superman farmers, giant testicles, and skunk ladies when I go or you’re in deep trouble!

  2. 2 PIE! August 19, 2006 at 9:01 am

    HAHAHAHA! Lauren! How much do I love that first pictur of Winston??? I am saving it and sending it to Camara.

    Also, that stampede pic of the kid sleeping in between the cows?? Wow.

    Stampede’s all about the hidden treasures, huh?

  3. 3 LMizzle August 21, 2006 at 2:27 am

    Did anyone notice I’ve posted a picture of Winston twice in like a week? Man. This dog is POPULAR.

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