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Okay, I have a lot of fun pictures I’d like to explain, so get ready for random! First off, I got my Cesar Milan stuff I ordered off of Amazon! AWESOME!!! I’m excited to see him tame a freakin’ CRAZY chihuahua (is that how you spell that??? Ah well). Perhaps either the book or DVD will help me get Winston to stop chomping on my pants!

I caught this photo last night as I heard Winston making a chomping noise for no reason. I found him on the floor of my bedroom with a lolipop stick hanging out of his mouth! Sadly, the lolipop was already gone from a delicious breakfast at Nellie’s.
A few days ago I tried to also teach him how to fly. He did pretty good! (For those of you who are wondering where Bella pictures are, she hasn’t done anything funny in a while, I think she’s decided to be the smarter pet)

On a nerd front, Steve, Dan and I found these bumper stickers on someone’s van outside of the Sci Fi festival we tried to go to…

And now, because I read 100 things about my newest blogging friend Amanda and found out that she hates the Stampede, I thought I’d take you on a pictoral journey of why I think the Stampede is hillarious and fun…perhaps I might change her mind???

Reason #1: PEOPLE WATCHING!!! Look at this asian woman! SO AMAZING. She looks like the coolest skunk I’ve EVER seen. This is why I love Japan.

Reason #2: ANIMAL MARVELS!!! Look at these sheep testicles!!! HOLY CRAP. These are practically magestic they’re so big!
REASON #3: ODD FARMERS AND THEIR KIDS. This kid is sleeping with dairy cows…did someone say TOTALLY SWEET?!?!?

REASON #4: IDIOTS. This guy was hanging out in the livestock section of the Stampede….in a Superman costume…I had to be really sneaky to get a picture of this guy. I don’t know where he came from and I don’t know why he felt the need to dress up for some cows…
REASON #5: Llamas. Seriously. They’re awesome.

REASON #6: SUPERDOGS!!! Okay, it’s the same show every year, but sometimes there are PUGS there! The host can’t even spell salsa right, and he showed up to one of the performances in a LEATHER SUIT. WHAAAAAT???!

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