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Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt

What up, blog?

I am currently experiencing day three of my two weeks off from Charity Job #1. Hospital Job #2 is still in tact. Charity Job #1 found out that *oops! there’s about 200 more hours in my contract that have to be fulfilled, or else the organization will be in a deep pile of poop. They basically didn’t ask if I wanted to work the hours…more like, “you HAVE to work them.” It’s pretty lame though, because staying at that job means I get less time to look for my first real career job. Pffft. It’s like, “stay, because we’re going to get in trouble from the government if you don’t, but you don’t have a job here after your hours are up.” Thanks job! I was ripe and ready to quit the hospital this weekend. Oh man. It was a few of those days where you actually physically hate the job so much, you want to smash stuff. Sadly, I didn’t have anything to smash. There’s also this douchebag who now has “deputy dog” syndrome, which is when you think you’re a manager because you’re older than the other employees. Well dude, I’m sorry your career didn’t work out in the arts, but you’re not my boss and you can go eat a scrotal support!

Anyhow, I have the next two weeks off of job #1 after much pleading and a promise to finish the contract. My body and mind need to recover! I need to read a book or two!

I took my puppy for a walk last night with Mike, and not a block from my house, in front of several men on a bar patio, my pug took the biggest dump in the world. Right on the sidewalk! This dog had, before this, NEVER gone to the bathroom outside! My bad as I didn’t have a bag to pick up the shit with! RUH-ROH! the dudes were laughing and I was like, uhhhh, “SHHHH!” and briskly walked off with the dog! WHOOPS! After that pooptastic incident, my dog got the daylights scared out of him by some crazy japanese dog who was VERY excited to see him. I thought my Winston would have been all over that, but he hid beneath Mike’s legs and freaked out. Boooo!

My cat and dog got in a bitch fight this morning. It was kind of funny. The dog was barking at the cat and the cat basically bitch-slapped him, which only made him more pissed off! It’s like an animal soap opera over here. I let this play out on the couch because I figure the heirarchy has to be set at some point, so why not now?! I think the cat is winning.

In other current events, does anyone else hate talking to people on the phone who just call you to tell you what they’re doing and don’t bother to even PRETEND to give a crap about what you’re talking about? So stupid. I just got one of those calls. Blah blah me me me me, oh yeah, me me me me me, ok byeeeee! Actually, I’m pretty sure that once she ran out of crap about herself, she just kind of stopped talking, but didn’t let me go, which forced me to end the conversation. WAIT WAIT! SHE’S CALLING AGAIN AS I WRITE THIS! NOOOOOOOO!

Meh, I’m not getting that.

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