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SURPRISE, EVERYONE! I have kept the news that Steve and I would be getting a pug puppy secret for about a week. It was difficult, but the surprise for everyone should be worth it I hope!

Pugs are pretty much the best dog ever. That much I knew. I’ve never had a dog before, so this is going to be a whole new ball game for me! How did I come into ownership of such an effing cute little dude? Let me tell you the story…

As you know, a few weeks ago, someone terrible left their german Shepard tied up in our back yard. After spending the afternoon with such a beautiful dog, we felt terrible sending her to the pound because she was a lovely dog. Sadly, a german Shepard is WAY too big of a dog to keep in a small apartment.

This got Steve and I thinking that we would like to have a dog. The natural choice for an apartment dog that isn’t a sissy little bugger is a pug. Pugs are hilarious. Just looking at them makes me laugh. What’s better than being able to dress up a dog that looks like an old man wrapped in a sausage? Nothing, that’s what!

It took me a while to find a seller, but I came across an ad on that had this picture:

You can see why we had to choose these puppies.

I was careful to make sure that we chose a seller who would actually be respectful enough to return a phone call, even if it was long-distance, and the woman whose ad this was returned my call the very same day.

Think of this woman as the mother you all would like to have. She’s kind, helpful, encouraging. We pretty much wanted to be adopted by her by the end of all this!

So, Saturday, Steve and I drove a lengthy 4 hours to a farm northeast of Edmonton, where we met our little dude known now as Winston Sumo Bark Bark (his name had to match the cat!).

First off, the pug puppies are all kept together in a kennel, and when she opened the door, a flood of cuteness overflowed onto my feet. I was afloat in an ocean of adorable puppies!

We were finally introduced to Winston, who was a little shy at first, but soon took a liking to sitting on Steve’s lap for a good pet.

Long story short, we bought him and drove another 3 ½ hours to get back home! The pup was a little scared because this was his first time out in the world, but he’s doing well.

Now I can finally dress my very own pug in a bee costume, just like I’ve always secretly wanted!

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