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How I Ended Up With the Littlest Hobo

It should have been just an ordinary day. I had the morning off because my organization was closed for the Stampede Parade. Around 1pm I left for work. We’d been hearing this dog barking since 11am, but we figured someone was outside with their dog. This seemed odd since no one around here owns a big dog. As I walked out the door, Steve and I were talking as I walked across the back yard to my car when he said, “The dog doesn’t sound like it’s just outside the gate, the dog is in OUR back yard!”

Someone had chained their german shepard to a rusty piece of old fencing in our back yard! We got closer and indeed, someone had abandoned their pet in our yard.
What kind of a sick idiot would just leave their dog chained into someone’s back yard???
The poor dog was confused and upset, so she just kept barking out of fear. We got her some food and water, which calmed her down for a short time, but soon after she started barking and howling again. Not knowing where the dog had come from, we didn’t exactly want to get her mad or more upset, so we didn’t try to get too close.
We ended up having to call the pound to come get her and take her away.

I don’t understand what would go through someone’s head that they’d just abandon a pet on someone else’s property…I feel so bad for the dog! Hopefully someone nice adopts her…

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