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My Pantless Protest.

Dear crazy dude watching traffic in the Humpty’s parking lot,

What’s up with you? Why is an intersection so interesting? Furthermore, you’re standing in the parking lot of a sleazy diner, so shouldn’t you be inside drinking shitty coffee and eating disgusting amounts of liver and onions?

On a side note, why would anyone ANYWHERE actually specifically order liver and onions? That’s like ordering turd pie because you totally think it’s delicious.

I’m pretty sure I have the loudest cat in the world. When my alarm goes off in the morning she’s all like, “WHAT UP, WORLD?!” and starts meowing like she’ll just die unless I pet/feed her. Then she gets all crazy pissed and starts making ‘harumph!’ noises when I close my bedroom door so that her crazy meows don’t wake up Steve. Oh kitty, I love you!

I was subject last night to something like five hours of work-term presentations. It was nice to see some people I hadn’t seen in forever, but it was not so nice to see those people that make me want to slash them. For instance, I have a classmate who looks like Jabba the hut or whatever, and she is like my ARCH nemesis. I can’t stand her, so listening to her brag on and on like a talking marshmallow was less than fantastic. The best part of the evening was when the presentations were over and the coordinator was like, “We still have like 4 pizzas left, does anyone want to…” and I shouted, “ME!” because I will pretty much take free food wherever I can get it. Besides, chicks are such silly, bird eaters and hardly ate ANY pizza, so I left with ¾ of a large pizza. I also made Okami take one home for good measure. DELICIOUS!

The, shall we say, “special” woman in my office keeps taking food from me. Every time I have fruit she’s like, “WOW! I love ____, they are my favorite!” and then takes some of whatever I’m eating. HEY! YOU CAN’T HAVE 20 DIFFERENT FAVORITE FOODS! I now have to hide food in my desk. My poor raspberries are laying next to a bunch of wristbands in the darkness of my desk drawer. I am also hiding a veggie Jamaican pattie in my purse…along with like 30 Gay & Lesbian Society pamphlets for a project proposal I am working on. I think the pamphlets will only make the pattie more exciting and delicious.

Does anyone else ever just get the urge to spend money? I have that urge today. DANGEROUS TIMES!!!

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