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Things are all a flutter

You know what’s REALLY messed up? Seahorses. Did you know they are considered FISH? What the hell is that?! I really don’t get how a tiny little thing like that is considered a fish. I would be more inclined to classify it as a tiny pony of the sea more than a fish.
My boss hasn’t given me anything to do in a week. Talk about boredom! Oh well, the workplace is jazzy so I’ll live. Anyone got any ideas of how I can pass the time???

So after this work term I’m pretty much out of a full-time job. I decided to apply for a permanent job at my current weeday job. If I get it I’ll be giving presentations that end in “hey, give us money!” I like that. The best part? I actually got to apply to my current boss. I REALLY want the job, holy crap. That would solve a lot of shit.

I finally registered for Japanese! YES! I also looked into flights to Japan and I think if I get this full-time job that I will TRY to go to Japan for a few weeks in April 2007. HOLY CRAP! Can you believe that?! I am actually fulfilling a lifelong dream! I just have to save up some mad cash…like $1500 for a plane ride out there, then you know, another $1000 to spend, then another $1000 for what I’ll miss at work…wait a second…don’t I get paid time off if I’m a real employee? YESSSSSS. Anyhow, I figure if I work till the end of the summer with 2 jobs I should have enough to do this. AWESOME FORCES!!!

Working every day sucks. I want my debt to be gone. What a poop shoot.

I was getting headaches and nausia for like a week and everyone was like, “YOU’RE PREGNANT, AREN’T YOU?!” and I was just about ready to be like, “WOULD YOU LIKE TO COME TO THE BATHROOM WITH ME?! I WILL PROVE I AM HAVING MY PERIOD!!!” Why is it whenever a chick is nausiated she’s assumed to be pregnant?! You know what the problem was??? My multi-vitamins were making me sick! WHAT THE HELL?!

Man, I am bored out of my fucking skull. I really need to get my ass up and do something. holy crap. I think tonight so far I’ve had a nap and have played with the cat. My life is dullsville!

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