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National Slayer Day!

I thought with the imminent arrival of 666 this past week that I’d take a look into chaos theory. “What the hell does that have to do with June 6 th, 2006?” you ask…

Well, the other day I was at work and heard some co-workers of mine talking about how some women are inducing labor as a way to escape the much-feared birthday of 6/6/06. Okay, I realize that this whole 666 number is recognized as being associated with the devil, but let’s think about this…

It was, in fact, 06/06/2006, not June 6th, 6 A.D. Back then they weren’t even counting in years, or so I hear. If that’s the case, does anyone know when someone sat up and said, “Hey, I make this the year 200” or whatever? What day did time begin? Did the notion of counting time begin at 12:00am, or was it some arbitrary time that we’ll never know?

Anyhow, I digress…

As I thought about people inducing labor, I wondered, could such events have profound effects on these children if they were meant to be born on June 6 th, 2006? This is assuming that we’re looking at this issue through an existentialist lens (assuming everything is interconnected). Is there really a way to look at chaos theory without existentialism though?

Will the children born the day before or after this day using labor that was somehow aided create great changes in years to come? All this to avoid having your day of birth on the same holiday as National Slayer Day. In China, 666 is considered lucky, so many labors were in fact induced on what Westerners believe to be the most unlucky day in history.

Did anything really bad happen? I can tell you one thing, the date of 06/06/06 will never be remembered the same way that 9/11 is.

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