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Crackhouses, wedding bells, and other marvels

Today the two crack houses that somewhat “hugged” the fence of my backyard were torn down. Bye bye, crazy crackhouses! One of them actually looked like it had been a nice house once. The other one…ummm, looked JUST like you’d think a crackhouse would look. Broken windows, broken steps, boarded up…I’d say that’s pretty much the description! One of the demolition people said that when they went to clean the inside of the house, it was the worst they’d ever seen…needles and crack pipes everywhere! Apparently there was a lot of shag carpeting too! Sick! Sadly, because they took down the crackhouses, they also ripped out the crackhouse tree that was shielding our dining room window from how ugly everything was! Now I have to look at a dirty old bathtub! Somehow the demolition crew cracked two of the sections of window in the dining room as well! Craptastic. Steve called the architect though, so hopefully something is done aobut that…

In other, shittier news, it seems as though wedding fever has struck all around me! Some girl at work who just got back from Scotland was proposed to in a castle, and since my cubicle is in a major intersection point, I have gotten to hear her re-tell the story of how romantic the proposal was TIME AND TIME AGAIN. A friend of mine I’ve known since junior high also emailed me today to tell me she’s getting married next June. Not to say I’m not extremely happy for these girls, but when you’ve been proposed to and had it taken away, it leaves SOMEWHAT of a TEENY, TINY sore spot whenever I hear anything involving WEDDINGS or people getting ENGAGED.

“Hey, I was engaged once! What’s that? Oh, no not anymore!”

In other, less pain inducing news, I’m beginning to wonder where anyone got the memo that it was okay to wear Gator shoes when in public? I have some that I wear to the hospital when I work, and most people have them there. These shoes are about as ugly as they are comfortable, which is VERY. I don’t know what would posess anyone to wear these hideous things in public, but I saw a girl in capri pants, green socks FOLDED DOWN, and blue Gator shoes.


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