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Move on

Moving sucks! Aaarrrrgh. I spent the day with several boxes, and hardly any of them belonged to chicks!

I moved most of my boxes into the apartment this morning with my sister and niece.

Our front yard is officially a mess. Hell, so is the back yard! I found a hubcap on the lawn, so I threw it over our property line into the neighbors yard (no one lives there, it used to be a crack house….home sweet home!). I then noticed a variety of other interesting pieces of trash on our lawn inluding a rubber glove (it was on the street in front of the house….it still counts), an A&W cup that my niece tried to keep, something made of latex (I DON’T EVEN WANT TO KNOW), some other part from a car…

I found an actual grocery bag FULL OF GROCERIES in the back yard. I proceeded to huck that into the crack house back yard.

I raked a little bit and found a sidewalk….this is going to end up like the fuckin’ Secret Garden up in the hizzy.

My niece also proceeded to bring several pieces of garbage into the house claiming they were fishing rods and a lasso of some kind. Hillarious!

Our house is covered in dust. You can plainly see a woman has never lived in the apartment. Someone actually painted over WALLPAPER. Fantastic.

Well, I’m off to move more stuff. YEEHAW!

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