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Strikingly Good Times

Today was filled with awesome relaxation and good times. Sadly, I should have been studying, but fun was pretty much more important!

I started out the day wanting to pass out because I was so sick. I pretty much had to drag my ass out of bed. My sister came over with my niece and we enjoyed some delicious grilled cheese and veggie soup while enjoying the new Prince album, 3121. Does anyone know what the shit that stands for??? Anyhow, after lunch, it was time for my hairgasm! I think I must come off as the librarian type, because my hairdresser, Jon, was pretty conservative with the scissors. I eventually told him to get crazy and chop my hair. Apparently this is the key to a hairdresser’s heart because he was ranting and raving about how fucking awesome it was to be able to do whatever he liked to someone’s hair. As he cut my hair, he was making these hillarious orgasmic noises, commenting on how gorgeous my neck was. So funny. He actually told me that I could come in whenever I wanted to, and that he would literally kick anyone that was in his chair out just to cut my hair. What a compliment! He wasn’t even joking! He then proceeded to cut my hair with boyish delight. He told me that he needed to come in more and get more done because he was so excited. Who knew you could make a hairdresser’s week by getting a haircut??

After the hair I grabbed some dinner with Steve and went bowling with Jesse, his gal, Steve, PJ and Maria. SO SO FUN. We got in trouble from this crack whore waitress in a lounge for taking pictures, then went bowling (pictures to come). bowling was so good! I haven’t been bowling in forever! Not only that, but it was 10 pin, so that was extra intense. PJ, Maria, and Dan had this pro lane going, meanwhile Steve, Jesse, his gal and I had the shitty bowler’s lane going. I guess PJ actually fell down at one point trying to throw his ball, but sadly I missed the comedic event of the night!

Sadly, no studying was done, but good times all around!

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