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What the Funk

Last night I was at a random pub/bar type place where I watched two men get into a fist fight during a performance by a funk band. Seriously, has anyone else seen a fight break out to funk?
I also witnessed probably the most horrific and disgusting ingestion of food I’ve ever seen. This disturbing man in a brown mock-turtleneck and tweed suit came into the bar by himself and proceeded to eat a steak sandwich. This was no normal ingestion of food. It looked like he was holding the fork a foot away from himself so that his flappy lips could meet the fork in erotic delight. He didn’t take a drink of his wine the entire time he was eating. He just kept shoving handfuls of french fries in his mouth. Handful after nasty handful, five of us watched this bizarre man ingest a $20 plate of food. He returned later to hug an attractive woman who somehow pulled the man’s TOUPEE off! AWESOME! He was so drunk he proceeded to wave it around and joke about it.


Steve R and I thought he left the toupee on the bar, so we walked by him in an attempt to steal it, but sadly he managed to hide his hairpiece somewhere within the lavish creases of his tweed suit. Come to think of it, how long would either of us have wanted to touch a dirty toupee?

In other exciting news, I’m moving in just seven more sleeps! It still doesn’t seem like it’s coming, but I can feel the excitement building…I think I’ve just got a few changes coming so it’s hard to register one over the other. I have a sweet hair appointment Monday, I move Saturday, I find out if I have a summer work-term soon, and I will be done all of my academic classes as of the 13th. Lots to do!

I’m having trouble figuring out whether to quit my current job or not once the summer comes. I can make in three days more than I would at my old Starbucks job in a week! It’s pretty darn sweet pay. The job isn’t the most mind-altering, but it’s helpful work at least. I’d like to think that at least on some level I am helping to keep people healthy.

The bad part is that if I get the job I interviewed for this week AND keep my current job I’m going to be working 7 days a week. LOTS AND LOTS OF WORK. I do find that I like to be busy during the summer months, but do I want to work every damn day? I think if I told my current boss that I can only work once a week that he’d probably shit a brick. WHAT TO DO?! If I work 2 jobs I will work a normal 9-5 for the week, and then random 8 hour shifts on Sat and Sun. I’ll most likely be able to double my income just by working the weekends…

I figure I should be able to handle it for a while if I already pretty much go to school 3 days and work 3 days. I only have one day off most weeks…

I think I might burn out pretty quick though…

My other problem is that if I get this summer job, it’s a contract position, so once the contract is up, I’m SOL for a job unless I can set something up by some miracle that will pay me enough to get through a month’s rent and expenses. SHIT! At least if I kept my current weekend job I’d still have enough money to pay my rent only working 2 days a week.

Anone got any advice??

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