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A Hair-Raising Tale

I’ve just returned from a job interview. The women in the building were all gorgeous. If I work there during the summer, I shall join the elete rankings of the hottest npro in town. I’ll be spending the summer in sun dresses out at charity golf fundraisers. Sounds like a good time to me! Hopefully I can score this job…

In other news, I need a haircut. I had decided not to return to my previous hairdresser last year after she cut my bangs on a slant so severe that people were asking me if I cut my own hair. Yes, it was bad. I proceeded to see a delightful Japanese man with dreads by the Starbucks I worked at. He was rad, except that when I move, if I went to see him I’d have to drive 45 min, and that’s just rediculous.

I haven’t had a haircut since August. MADNESS! It’s not that I hate my hair as it is, but it’s just not presenting the LMizzle that I know and enjoy. I am currently sporting a Lisa Loeb thing (just for Joe), however, to my dismay someone told me last week that hearing me swear was like hearing an angel belch. I just look really innocent. Now, moving to the mean streets of downtown, I feel I need to up the funk and edge on my noggin about 300%. This requires the work of a super hairdresser.

But who will be my savior?!

I decided to take up the free offer of a consultation at every hairdresser at the biggest mall near by.

Eviline Charles: I get snooty lookes from the male hairdresser. There are at least six hairdresser crowded around one customer. The girl at the counter looks barely legal and there are no consultaitons until 5:45. The time was 2:45.

Diva Hair: I get snooty looks from the counter girl. She drearily says that there are no consults available until 3:30. The time was 2:50.

Some Random Salon: I walk in and immediately walk out when I notice that every hairdresser working had apparently stopped buying clothes in 1993.

Hennessey: I walk in and the counter girl smiles and asks me how I am. I discuss consultations with her and she asks if I would like a male or female hairdresser. It doesn’t matter to me, so I say let the fates decide. There is an appointment slot available at 3:15. The time was 3:00. I book.

I return ten minutes later and am offered licorece. AWESOME! The man I have booked with introduces himself and I forget his name immediately, much to my dismay. He looks like someone I have class with (Irfaan). We talk and he plays with my hair and explains some things he’d like to try. He tells me that if I come back in a few days, he’ll do some research on my face shape and hair texture and we can consult just before the appointment.

He offered to research my hair?!?!! WTF?!?!? TOTALLY SWEET!

I book. I have an appointment Monday to have my hair cut by a dude I was MAJORLY impressed with.

But what to do?!

I enjoy Kat Von D’s hair…

I also enjoy this chick’s hair:

And this chick:

Anyone got any ideas???

I’m going to a job interview, so hey, look at this till I’m back

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