Jumble, Jumble

What a bland-ass weekend! If this weekend had a flavor, it would probably be “generic rice cake.” I’ve spent the weekend in the emergency room working, which is always an interesting and bizarre change of events. Yesterday as I was working to put away a mountain of syringes, I heard an old woman’s voice echo down the halls of the emergency room. She was singing in a language that wasn’t quite comprehendable to the average ear. Off and on, her weak and wavering voice would call through the halls. Eventually I ended up near the area where she was. So weak and pale, she was rapped in a pink blanket as if she were a child. She looked into nothingness, or perhaps it was something we couldn’t see. She then called out one of the eeriest phrases I’ve ever heard…
“I can still smell the horses hair……”
She then called out a man’s name, and proceeded to go back to her frail and quiet song. Just the way she said it reflected some sort of horrid memory come to haunt her. I haven’t seen her since.

Today as I walked into the emergency room, I was welcomed by the sound of an old man barfing! Welcome to work!!! Let me barf you the way to the 20 block! By the time I made it down one corridor, I heard an old man swearing with every ounce of energy at a nurse. He spoke purely in swear for the nect 5 minutes until a security guard started arguing with him to shut up.

In other, less serious and shocking news, I move out in 20 days! Woot! I became ticked off tonight as I was preparing a powerpoint presentation to the rumbling of my step-noutquiteadad’s speaker system. I’m not sure what movie they’re watching, but it’s got a lot of rumbles and grumbles that radiate quite fantastically through my bedroom floor. Then I thought, “Fuck it, I’m only here for 20 more days, just TRY and blow out my eardrums!!! I LOVE IT!” Though I have to get up at 5am tomorrow morning again, so if they keep this up, there will have to be some sort of subtle yet effective revenge. Perhaps I’ll rub the cat’s bum on their shower soap…

Speaking of moving, I’m finding the whole idea of packing a little strange. There isn’t a lot of storage in my apartment, so I’ve had to throw out many a bag of random bits of my life. I’ve thus far been able to reduce my life to six boxes and counting. I’ve also been habitating in my 1/2 empty room for a week and a half. I was hoping to watch Amelie this weekend, until I remembered I’d have to muscle through a pile of boxes and tape just to get to it (if I even looked in the right box). Why am I packing so early? Well, when you’re in school full-time and work 24 hours a week, there pretty much isn’t a hope in hell that I’d get my shit together in an organized fashion seeing as how we’re moving into the last month of my schooling!

Which, holy crap, I’m in my last month of schooling! I have to go be a workin’ girl after this! SCARY! Hopefully, if I get the job I’m trying to secure, it’ll allow me to keep my wicked paying job at the hospital!

Oh life, just when I get used to you, you go and change drastically…


5 Responses to “Jumble, Jumble”

  1. 1 Xrayeagle March 12, 2006 at 8:59 am

    That reminds me of a card you got me that starts “My name is coyote”

    That is by far my favorite card and the only one I have ever kept. I read it every now and then when I need to laugh.

    You’re folks are so loud. Bad for homework, great for shameless sexcapades!

  2. 2 LMizzle March 12, 2006 at 4:36 pm

    I remember the coyote card! That was a sweet birthday card.

    Man, instead of being welcomed by barf, today I was welcomed with this sort of “toilet on wheels” full of assplosion! BLAH!

    In other news, I found a card you had made me the other day with a cartoon picture of you flashing me while saying, “LOOK AT THE SIZE OF MY MAMMOTH LOVIN’!”

    Ahh the memories…

  3. 3 Ultra Toast Mosha God March 13, 2006 at 11:41 am


    Great picture. I’ll take a man-bear for the whole weekend. Let me know how much you want for it. Dress it as goldilocks please.


    Cat bum + soap = brilliant to the power of 15.1334.

    (that’s Einsteins theory of vengeance)

  4. 4 LMizzle March 13, 2006 at 4:08 pm

    Admittedly, when my mom and step-dad got together when I was like 15, I got really mad and brushed the inside of the toilet with his toothbrush.

    I’d say that’s Einstein’s theory of vengance squared!

  5. 5 Ultra Toast Mosha God March 14, 2006 at 4:49 pm

    I think that’s actually quite a considerate thing for you to do, paying so much attention to the cleanliness of your toilet.

    As long as it was his toothbrush and you didn’t accidentally use yours.


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