Vancouver Day 3 (otherwise known as the 40 block rock out)

This was going to be a sweet day. Shopping in Vancouver for the first time?! Awesome. for a shopping pro like me, this was a special treat, not only because Vancouver is hip central, but because this was the first time in almost a year where I got to buy some clothes since I got in my accident (an accident will really suck the $$$ out of you!).
We began on the most obvious of streets, Main St!

^Mike and Steve gratuitously rocking out (yes, I know the photo is on its side…I tried to fix this, but my computer sees this picture otherwise…). Notice the GREEN GRASS! *sigh*
We passed store upon store of glorious clothing…my beautiful dream come true! The best store? Voltage!

This store had it all! Toys and an ENTIRE WALL of Threadless t-shirts!

I bought myself a delightful TOMY Japanese relaxation toy, as well as two hillarious shirts from Threadless:

“Technology Ruins Nature”

“JC was a streaker”

These are pretty much the best shirts on the planet.

So we wandered Main and bought more awesome Vencouver delights. This included a stop in a glorious antique shop. Why are there pretty much NONE of these where I live?! This place had a dog manequin in a dress! You just don’t find that ANYWHERE!!! Also, who decided it was legit to charge $20 a pop for old photos of people no one knows?! Eff that. I didn’t buy anything because everything I liked was insanely expensive, which is ironic considering all the stuff in an antique store is totally used and really old. Hey kids, if you want that old look, you’re going to have to pay to look poor!

We were also on a mission to find Little India, which was apparently at Main and 41st St. We walked, and walked…AND WALKED until we were at 41st and Main.

“Uhhhhh…these are just condos…”

“Hm. You’re right.”

“Let’s keep going!”

So we kept walking…and walking…

On our journey we saw a dude whose car had died, and he was trying to roll it up a hill to a parking lot by himself.

Mike: “Do you need some help dude?!”

Guy: “Wow…sure!”

So Steve and Mike handed me their bags and they tried to push, but the car, but it wouldn’t budge until muscles Martin came to save the day. Okay, two construction men came out of nowhere and helped as well, but that makes me sound less awesome…which brings me to the point that people in Vancouver are SO SO NICE. HOLY CRAP! You don’t even get freaked out on public transit because everyone is so effin’ nice!

Anyhow, we kept on walking after helping car guy, and EVENTUALLY came to Little India, or as I like to call it, “Itty Bitty India that isn’t open on Tuesdays for some reason, which was EXACTLY when we went there.”

The above is seriously the only picture I took there. U-Like? NO I DO NOT LIKE. I think out of the 4 blocks this place was, only 4 stores were open. What the tits?!
After that dissapointing escapade, which included a large man only trying to help me when he realized that in fact, I was NOT going to buy anything, we took the bus back down the street.

This took us to Granville Island. I’ve been told this place holds my dream school, the Emily Carr Art and Design College. The college is under a bridge and sits on the edge of the water. AWESOME!!!

Before we made it to the college, it was time to get our eat on.

Notice how this photo captures my intense excitement after eating a delicious bowl of pasta.
We had to eat indoors for fear of seagulls the size of housecats eating our food, and potentially us. Silly me I forgot my seagull stabbing sword at home…

Dusan was also excited after eating…

By the time we were done eating though, all the shops were closed! DAMNIT!
We did walk by the college though, when Mike decided we should walk through on a mini tour/adventure. The plan was flawless, except that none of us knew the layout of the college and so we only managed to get maybe 20 feet into the college before we couldn’t get anywhere else without a key card.


It was a nice hallway.

After this we walked to Kits to go CD shopping at quite possibly the best CD store I’ve ever seen. Steve and Mike decided to bet my ovary that this place would have a CD by Colin Hay since I hadn’t been able to find one anywhere that I live. Behold, the CD geniuses hadn’t even heard of Colin Hay, so I think from what I remember, Steve now has the rights to one of my ovaries…

The pathetic part about the CD store is that I was finally somewhere that I could look for the most obscure music my heart desired…and do you think I could think of ANYTHING I wanted?


I left empty handed, though we DID only have like 15 minutes to shop before the store closed. Oh Zulu, I wish you were in cowtown…

From there we went home and rented 2041, this really awesome Chinese/Japanese movie I’ve been dying to see…except I FELL ASLEEP because I was tuckered out from all the walking. I’m on a mission to rent it this week though.

Our last full day was coming up fast…what more trouble could we get into?!

Tune in tomorrow…same bat time…same bat channel!

6 Responses to “Vancouver Day 3 (otherwise known as the 40 block rock out)”

  1. 1 Xrayeagle March 2, 2006 at 8:21 am

    Pfft! Me and Steve overcame the inertia, all those construction guys did was look pretty after we emasculated them!

    I like how they found the most mischievious seagul ever!

    Ha ha ha! Dusan!

    The funny thing was I went to Voltage the week before you guys came and I bought the JC and Commie shirt! Weird!

    Rock Pose!

  2. 2 Ultra Toast Mosha God March 2, 2006 at 10:40 am

    Xray, you did look dangerous there in the street, doing the rock thing.

    That thing can earn you an ASBO (Anti Social Behaviour Order – Pokemon for the criminal fraternity) round these parts.

    Bring that non-porous rock justice down on the highly porous suburbs!

    That T-shirt does rock. JC was indeed a streaker.

    Fact! (probably)

  3. 3 Okami March 2, 2006 at 3:27 pm

    Quick sidebar – which Colin Hay CD were you looking for?

    Love the tales of oddity…you guys should go on vacation more often!

  4. 4 LMizzle March 2, 2006 at 3:30 pm

    Okami: I was looking for pretty much ANY Colin Hay CD. I love his stuff, but it’s impossible to find! Do you know where to get his music?

  5. 5 Okami March 2, 2006 at 6:11 pm

    Leave it with me for a bit – I love a challenge!

  6. 6 Squiggle March 3, 2006 at 9:54 am

    Pasta + Rock = LMizzle pulling the best rock face ever!

    Xray – Your style amazes me.

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