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Leavin’ on a jet plane…

In less than 48 hours! I haven’t flown in about six or eight years, so this will be interesting. I’m not a fan of planes, but I’m gonna give it another go. It’s only an hour and a half or something in the air, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I’m also trying to set a record for least amount of luggage brought on a week-long trip. Steve R suggests that we both wear all the clothes we’re planning on wearing for the entire week on the plane, that way we’ll have a lot more luggage space. I’m not sure how I feel about wearing five pairs of underwear. Actually, a better idea is if we both wore the stuff the other one was going to be wearing in Vancouver. That way, Steve has to wear like 5 pairs of women’s underwear on the plane. Excellent!

I made this for a friend who had an interesting experience with someone who may or may not have had herpes. You know who you are.

In other news, it’s my one year anniversary tomorrow with Steve! Wohoo! We’re going for dinner, then we’re going to see the New Pornographers in concert! Sweet ass!

Eugh, admittedly wearing a velour hoodie. Isn’t that sick?! It was a shitty gift from my step-dad’s mom. Step-grandmother? Whatever. Anyhow, it’s one of those “last resort” kind of outfits that I’m wearing because I’m doing vacation laundry. Oddly enough while I’m wearing what can only be described as one of the top ten worst outfits I own, who should surprise me at my door but Steve V and Dan! Hello! I look like an ugly swamp beast! May I breathe my 3 hour nap breath on you?! Oh well, it was a good surprise.

On another tangent, is it just me, or do fleece pants make you smell like a dirty asshole really quickly? Something about that fake fabric really captures the stink. I don’t even smell bad, but when the fleece pants are on me, it smells like I was jogging through a cloud of stinky taint.

That’s just me, though.

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